Togel Hongkong

Meet Tony: The World’s Togel Hongkong Biggest Ever Online Winner

On May 30th, 2002 Tony P. made online gambling history when he won almost $1,600,000 at Captain Cooks Casino (, a member casino of the Jackpot Madness family of Microgaming-powered casinos. As the very first Major Millionaire, Tony and his wife will be treated to an all-expense paid trip to Monte Carlo where they will begin their new lives as millionaires in style!

“It just couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!” enthused Tony’s friends and family upon learning that he had won an unprecedented $1,594,649.21 cash on the new Major Millions online progressive slot.

I recently had the genuine pleasure of speaking to Jackpot Madness’s biggest celebrity. After experiencing Tony’s modest, unselfish nature, I must admit, I agree: he is a one in a million Millionaire!

A busy sales and marketing professional for a small company, I caught Tony between meetings on his car cell phone as he drove through the streets of his hometown. I was curious to find out what kind of luxury car and other goodies he had purchased following his amazing windfall. His surprise response:

“I just bought a 1999 Ford Taurus, so what do I need with a new car? Family comes first. We’ve been very practical when deciding what to do with the money and first and foremost helped family who were burdened financially. Helping those in need is much more important to my wife and I than a new car, although I will NEVER be in debt again. This jackpot was a real godsend, although I am no saint. We sent our three children (ages 23, 21 and 20) to a private high school and now college, and now we are virtually debt free! It’s a dream, as although I work very hard, I thought I’d die in debt. We sat down and went over a list of what we wanted to do with the money, and the first 4 items on the list were to help family members who really need. We are a really tight family!”

But aren’t you buying ANYTHING for yourselves?

“Right now it’s still so new! Our one extravagance has been to buy a new, much-needed computer. The wonderful folks at Jackpot Madness are sending us on a luxury trip to Monte Carlo, and we bought new wardrobes for the trip. My wife bought more clothes for this trip than she has in the last 10 years! I am also purchasing a really good digital camera so I can take beautiful pictures to share with everyone. Can’t wait to go to Monte Carlo where I can rub shoulders with the elite…I didn’t even have a passport when I won. Monte Carlo is NOT where the Tonies of the world get to go…we are thrilled!”

Even outside of his family circle, Tony plans on extending his goodwill to helping as many people as he can.

“There are some things that I have in mind that are Togel Hongkong private, but they mainly have to do with helping people who can’t afford to pay for their children’s education. That’s a focus that’s well worth it! I really want to offset some of their problems. We always help others when possible and everyone in this town knows it. I am not a Santa Claus, as I have to pay off $700,000 in taxes on my win! Some people would have gotten creative, but I figure – I’m a proud American, I’ll pay my taxes. People who know me said, ‘The biggest problem you are going to have is not giving it all away!’

I want to continue working – I love my job, as it is a real challenge. I have committed to five more years and then I’ll have the luxury of choosing a low-paying job doing something just because it is interesting. We are here just a short time, so let’s make the biggest impact we can! Right now I am smiling from ear-to-ear, although I feel guilty that I can’t help out everyone who needs it.”

As a child, his small-town, family-oriented environment strongly influenced Tony’s vision of what he would be as an adult.

“I wanted to be a high-school sports coach. The sport I excelled in was wrestling, and my coach was a tough hard-ass, but I admired and learned a lot from him. That goal wasn’t feasible, as I knew I had to make some money so I could raise a family. I worked in the family business for 20 years, and we lost it in 1998, and now I am in a completely different field. My dad always told me that integrity is the most important quality you can have. Twenty-nine years ago, right before I married my wife I told her, ‘When I die, I want my tombstone to say: He was a pretty good guy”.

Well Tony, you can rest assured that you have met and surpassed that goal! Not surprisingly, Tony’s all-time heroes include people who made major impacts on improving the lives of others.

“JFK, RFK, Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King…I have always admired leaders who can motivate others to great things.”

Consistent in all realms, his choice of favorite song reflects his personal values.

“My all time favorite song is ‘Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens. That song just tells my story. I woke up one day and realized that my dad is smarter than me!”

With thousands of people vicariously enjoying his win, I wondered if Tony has any special messages for his online gaming fans.

“View online gambling as a form of entertainment. Play what you can afford, but if you want to win you have to play! The night I hit the jackpot I had only played about $63, but I know when to stop!




Net Entertaiment Releases New Slot IDN Slot Machine



STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Net Entertainment (a subsidiary of the Cherry Casino Group, listed on the Swedish Stock market), the world’s leading provider of no download Internet casino software, today announces the launch of Wild West Slot, the first new generation slot machine for Internet deployment.


The Wild West Slot is a slot machine with more interaction and interactive content than ever seen on the Internet before. Bet limits ranges from 10 c to $9. Players may choose to play the five-reel slot machine at 1 – 9 lines. The game has a second big-screen mode where the player uses the mouse to interact and shoot at different targets. If the player is lucky, there is also a third screen, with new challenges for the player and even higher winnings.


“We have gathered some of the most experienced designers of game concepts from the Cherry Casino Group to design this new game, and it has been a true challenge” says Claes Frisk, Manager of Game Development at Net Entertainment. Casino Manager Paul Wilson says: “After the testing we have done, we are assured that the Wild West Slot will become the most popular slot machine at CherryCasino, right from the start.”


The Wild West Slot will be found at and at as from today.


Net Entertainment is one of the worlds leading suppliers of digital platform independent gaming and leisure solutions. Net Entertainment offers customized or standard software, integrated payment solutions, operations and hosting.


Blackjack @ Lasseters



Lasseters, an Australian online casino (part of a land-based operation) has a special rule regarding dealer naturals, and I’d like to know what its effect is on the game odds.


If you double down or split+doubledown against a dealer [10] or [A] at Lasseters you will lose ALL your bets if the dealer flips over a natural at the end of the round. Lasseters doesn’t check under the [10] or [A] before player decisions, and so only offers insurance when an [A] is showing, and insurance is a fool’s bet anyway.


Lasseters claims they play by standard rules. What do you think? -BW




What you describe is sometimes called the “European no hole card” rule. You’ll find it at some online casinos, including those powered by IDN Slot Microgaming software, and at some land-based casinos. Casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City generally don’t use this rule; you lose only your original bet against a dealer blackjack.


So what is the effect of the European no hole card rule on the odds? The late Ken Uston, in his blackjack classic “Million Dollar Blackjack,” says this rule increases the house edge by about 0.13%.


Now let’s take a closer look at Lasseters’ blackjack. Every card dealt is randomly selected from a new full 52-card deck. The chance of any particular card being dealt is always 1 in 52. This is essentially an “infinite” deck. [Thanks to Bill K. for pointing this out.] The dealer stands on soft 17, and resplitting is allowed (except for aces).


Calculating the return for Lasseters’ blackjack is easy — it’s posted right on their site. The long-term average player return is 97.64%, as approved by the Northern Territory Racing and Gaming Authority in Australia.



ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

Breaking down Gamblerspeak

If you spend any time around professional gamblers, you may hear them using esoteric terms. I’d like to let you in on the meaning of some fundamental gambler slang and some lessons behind the slang.


The terms are advantage-play situation, positive-expectation play and high fluctuation rate.


The first two phrases are often used interchangeably. An advantage-play situation refers to one in which, over the long run, you are likely to win money, and it usually refers to the moment before you make your bet. The key phrase is “over the long run”; being in an advantage-play situation gives you no guarantee of short-term success, just as a casino has no guarantee of short-term success when you plunk your money down on a craps table.


When you make that craps bet, though, the casino is in an advantage-play situation because it figures to make money over the long term. Another aspect to advantage play is that you want to bet as much as you can as long as you are not risking too big a percentage of your bankroll.


Suppose, for example, someone places six black marbles and four white marbles into a bag and offers you even money if you pull out a black marble on the first try. That’s an advantage-play situation: You’re a 6-4 favorite to win, but you only have to risk even money. Nonetheless, you would be foolish to invest every dollar you owned in such a bet because if you pull out a white marble you’ve lost everything.


A positive-expectation ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล play is similar, but the phrase is usually employed in regard to selecting a particular tactic. For example, doubling down in blackjack when you have two fives and are facing a dealer up card of six is a positive-expectation play, while splitting those two fives is a negative-expectation play.


Knowing a bet’s fluctuation rate is vitally important. Suppose we got out the old marble bag again, but this time put in nine black marbles and one white marble. If the bag owner told you he would pay 50-1 odds if you could pull out the one white marble, you’d be enjoying a advantage-play situation because the odds against you are only 9-1.


This is another situation where you wouldn’t want to bet everything, though. Even though the odds would favor you hugely if you were allowed to make thousands of small bets, if you are allowed to make only one or two plays, the odds are that you will lose. You’re going to lose nine out of every 10 times you try. When you do win, you’re going to do very well, but you need a large enough bankroll to stay in this game for a long time.


A poker player who enters a large tournament also faces a high fluctuation rate. Let’s say that I enter a tournament against 299 other players and that I’m one of the 20 best players in the field. Over a lifetime of tournaments, I rate to do well, but in any one given tournament, I’m an underdog; even as a great player, I could easily go 25 tournaments without finishing first.



Slot Online

4GL Solutions, Inc. Provides Slot Online Technology Services For Hawaiian Gardens Casino

4GL Solutions, Inc., a provider of information technology solutions for the gaming industry, has been selected by the Hawaiian Gardens Casino to provde its Player Relationship Management Applications.


Irvine, Ca. — September 16, 2002 — 4GL Solutions, Inc., a provider of information technology solutions for the gaming industry, has been selected by the Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Hawaiian Gardens, California, to provide their kiosk players club registration and wireless card game player tracking systems. These services will strengthen and insure Hawaiian Gardens’ commitment and dedication to providing its clientele an exceptional four-star customer service experience, which has made Hawaiian Gardens Casino one of the most popular cardroom destinations.


4GL Solutions Player Relationship Management applications will provide a focus on increasing data and retention through the implementation of freestanding interactive kiosks combined with an interactive player’s card registration application. These devices will represent a unique enhancement to established relationship management programs.


Another solution to be incorporated is a mobile Player’s Card Club solution via special Palm Computing platform devices made by Symbol Technologies that will allow casino personnel to remotely input and access player data. This allows for aggressively enabling their personnel to collect, manage and communicate data from the point of activity and providing greater efficiency.


Management at Hawaiian Gardens Casino stated that 4GL Solutions, Inc. was chosen because of its ability to meet their requirements to provide PRM technology services and judi online systems. The company’s capabilities allow the flexibility, functionality and expandability to handle Hawaiian Gardens Casino’s future growth and opportunities for the future.


Steve Radusovsky, president of 4GL Solutions, Inc., stated, “We are pleased that Hawaiian Gardens Casino has chosen us to provide world-leading technology services and it is exciting that we will play a key role in their customer-service strategies.”


About Hawaiian Gardens Casino


Hawaiian Gardens Casino, and its unique and relaxing tropical setting, is conveniently located in Hawaiian Gardens, California and is open 24 hours- 7 days. The casino features thirty-nine table games. The property also features the Lahaina Restaurant (International) open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


For more information, you can visit the Hawaiian Gardens Casino website at or call (562)860-5887


About 4GL Solutions, Inc.


With years of engineering and design experience in software, networking, wireless, database management, and business intelligence, 4GL Solutions has been providing the gaming industry with PRM solutions. These solutions include platforms to advance player recognition, increase retention and cultivate data strategies through kiosk and Wireless Applications.

For further information regarding 4GL Solutions, Inc., contact Steve Radusovsky at (949) 809-2060; e-mail or visit





CANBERRA, Jul 19, 2002 (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) — New figures have revealed that Australians spent $A13.8 billion ($US7.62 billion) on organised gambling in the financial year ending June 30, 2002, including poker machines, lotto, and horses racing.

On average, each Australian adult gambled $944 in 2000/01, up 21 per cent since 1997/98, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said.

Pokies and gaming machines accounted for nearly two thirds of gambling spending, raking in $8.7 billion last year, a 39 per cent increase over the past three years.

Other popular forms of gambling were off-course TAB outlets, where punters spent $1.7 billion, casino gaming tables ($1.5 billion) and lotteries and lotto-style games ($1.3 billion).

The jump in spending prompted a warning from church leaders that gambling was reaching epidemic proportions.

Salvation Army spokesman John Dalziel said poker machines were responsible for 90 per cent of gambling problems.

“Problem gamblers gravitate to poker machines (because) they’re convenient … they’re usually only a couple of kilometres from your house,” he said.

Mr Dalziel said another concern was the increasing speed with which people could lose money in poker machines.

“Now people can lose up to $5,000 in an hour from UFA poker machines,” Mr Dalziel said.

The report showed average gambling expenditure in NSW and Victoria – of $1,154 and $1,144 per adult respectively – was substantially higher than Western Australia ($427 per adult) where pokies were not allowed except in the state’s casino.

Mr Dalziel, who is also chairman of Victoria’s Interchurch Gambling Taskforce, said the Commonwealth needed to force the states to take action on problem gambling.

However, he said the states were loath to clamp down because of the income generated from gambling.

According to the ABS figures, gambling taxes and levies paid $4.9 billion into government coffers in 2000/01, with 55 per cent of the income coming from pokies, the ABS said.

Reverend Tim Costello, a member of the National Advisory Body on Gambling, wants the federal government to revisit a 1999 Productivity Commission report, which called for greater government control over the gambling industry.

“It’s been three years since the Productivity Commission report and things are much worse,” he said.

“We are spiralling further out of control.”

Rev Costello said recent ACT data showed that 48 cents in every dollar going through a poker machine came from problem gambling.

Meanwhile, Victorian figures indicated gambling was the cause behind one suicide every fortnight, Rev Costello said.

Gambling was taking its toll on the wider community, with one third of problem gamblers funding their habit through crime, he said.

Family and Community Services Minister Amanda Vanstone said the Government was working with the states and territories to develop a policy to address the negative aspects of problem gambling.

“The states and territories get an enormous amount of revenue from gambling and I think that they should be using more of this to fund positive social programs to address its effects within the community,” she said.

The federal government will spend $8.4 million over four years for further research into gambling and public education campaigns.

The Australian Gaming Council said the industry was a major creator of jobs, with 9,000 new positions created over the past three years.

The ABS figures were based on the takings of 6,012 gambling establishments in Australia.






Ligaz11 Review of The Best of Video Poker Times

The Best of Video Poker Times is a collection of some of the better articles from the bi-monthly Video Poker Times magazine published from 1993 to 1996. For those people seriously interested in playing video poker to win, this periodical is an important source of strategy, updated information, and bankroll advice to help the VP professional stay on top of their game and the serious non-professional get the best edge possible.

The book is divided into several sections. The first covers game strategies. Many games are covered here with pay schedules both above and below 100% payback. Some of these games are unavailable at the present time, but if these pay tables ever show up again, and every now and then they do, the savvy player will be ready. The pay tables listed here do not include the most popular games, like full pay Jacks or Better or full pay Deuces Wild, because those strategies are listed in many places. They are also not nearly as comprehensive as Frome’s Winning Strategies for Video Poker, but there are some games listed here I have not seen elsewhere.

The second section covers bankroll considerations. This includes articles on evaluating a game’s volatility, risk of ruin, bankroll requirements, etc.. These articles are pretty good, but a lot of this information is discussed in other places. Some of this information is fresh, but much of it isn’t.

The third section is titled “Miscellaneous Articles” and include good articles suggesting that VP professionals not act like jerks and bleed good games dry. It’s important that the casinos make money off the machines that pay back better than 100% or they’ll get pulled from the floor. This also means encouraging non-professionals to play (and lose money at) these games. Similarly, there are other good articles on the cost of errors and the future of video poker.

However, there are some other articles I don’t think are very good, like those suggesting that certain hands are more likely to follow other hands than one would expect from random chance. The human brain is exceptionally good at finding patterns in a data stream. In fact, it is so good at this, that we often find patterns where there are none. It is my firm belief that this is responsible for these perceptions, and making these sort of assertions, even though they are clearly marked as conjectural, based on anecdotal evidence is irresponsible at best.

The last six sections are all brief, covering new ligaz11 casinos, tips and tidbits, Q&A;, and finally a section hawking various products, most of which are quite good. Most of the news was out of date even when the book originally came out, which was in 1996. Now this information is of historical interest only.

Nonetheless, most of the information in this book is reasonably well written and accurate. I believe that reading this book will improve the play of many video poker players. However, it would be hard for me to recommend a volume this slim at this price even if it were packed to the gills with exciting new information, and the contents just aren’t that good. Therefore, if you’re a serious VP player and don’t have VP times issues from 1993 to 1996 this is probably worthwhile, but if not, one’s money is probably more efficiently spent in other areas.


If this collection of articles from Video Poker Times were half this price, I could recommend it. However, I believe that there is not enough new and interesting information within this volume to make it worthwhile to any but the most serious video poker players, and then only if they don’t have any of the original issues from which these articles have been gathered. Other books, like Dan Paymar’s Video Poker–Precision Play should definitely be read first.…

Togel Singapore

Who’s Got the Best Situs Judi Slot Bonus this Week?

Spin Palace is offering a 100% match bonus up to $75 on all new accounts. Players are also automatically eligible for a $50 Lucky Pick random draw, as well as a draw for $500 in casino chips.

There are 43 games to choose from, including no-download Flash games and the full download package. Spin Palace features all the great Jackpot Madness progressive jackpot games, including Cash Splash and LotsaLoot. The Treasure Nile jackpot is over $40,000 right now, so be sure to check it out.

The casino uses the PlayCheck / CashCheck account tracking systems and accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, FirePay. Payouts are audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Onluck Casino

Onluck Casino uses a great Asian dragon theme, and offers 14 games to choose from including European- and American roulette, six different slots, and Casino War.

The Togel Singapore casino is offering a lot of different bonuses, including a 100% download bonus up to $150, a $25 Refer-a-Friend bonus, the 100% bonus Blackjack Bonanza, the Video Poker VIP 10% bonus, the Wheel of Fortune bonus (receive double your bet on first winning spin), Western Union matches up to $150, and a $2500 random draw.

Onluck Casino accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, FirePay, Western Union, ACH, and Neteller.

Black Dog Casino

Black Dog has deposit bonuses for just about every type of payment out there. There’s a 40% bonus on your first deposit using PayPal or Neteller, and a 30% bonus for using Visa or MasterCard, debit card, CheckCard, or ATM card. There’s also a 5% bonus every time you make a deposit.

There are 19 download and no-download games to choose from at Black Dog, including three Keno games and six different slots. Best of all, you can choose from 5¢, 25¢, $1, and $5 slots.

Black Dog accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, debit cards, and Western Union.

Player Wins $50,000 at CasinoDomain

Net Entertainment – Yet another jackpot has been won at the CasinoDomain Internet casino. This time it was Harry from Florida spinning the reels at the CasinoDomain “Gold Bar” High Roller Slots and collecting $50,000.

“It’s great to know you’re playing at an online casino and dealing with such an honest business. The CasinoDomain Support Staff is truly outstanding and were very helpful in getting that $50,000 into my bank account. Thanks to Paul!!” says Harry.

“We have noticed a higher frequency of high-roller players both at CasinoDomain and CherryCasino” says George Lindgren, Casino Manager at CasinoDomain.

CasinoDomain has been in operation since 1999, and is one of the biggest and most reputable casinos on the Internet. The casino runs on Net Entertainment software.…

Qiu Qiu Pkv

Who I am and what I’m doing in Qiu Qiu Pkv

Well, I’m the guy that’s trying to pay for my wedding through trading on Betfair. So I guess that makes me not quite your average bloke. In most ways I fit the bill but it’s always the “what do you do for a living” question that stumps people. It’s my job, or lack of, as they see it, that seems to interest people. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me explain…

I guess my last proper job ended on March 15, 2002 when I was made redundant by a mate at the dot com company we were busting our balls to keep afloat. For you shrewdies out there you’ll notice the date was kind of ironic – the Ides of March – but as ever these things worked out for the best. I’ve been pretty stress-free since and the Qiu Qiu Pkv company now prospers without my expenses bill. 🙂

Being made redundant isn’t a great experience though so I decided it wouldn’t happen again. And what better way to ensure that than to become your own boss? So after a bit of thought I stumbled into the gambling industry.

I say stumbled but the reality was it was a bit of a no-brainer. I was already a regular on Betfair, had been spread betting for years before the exchanges appeared, had more than a few bookmaker accounts and could spot the bloke who’d smell of piss the moment I walked into a bookies.

Cap that with having some friends in the industry and a chat with an unnervingly sharp online gaming analyst bod from Merrill Lynch who explained how it was going to be a massive growth area and I’d found my new income source.

So how to cash in? Well, even now I’m not a professional gambler. By that I mean I make a useful income from my betting activity but it is not my sole income. Exciting as it would be to go for it I decided to keep the bank manager and tax man on board.

After all, I figured it was much better to have a provable income and accounts when you’re doing the boring stuff like applying for a mortgage rather than casually informing the mortgage company: “Oh, I’m a professional gambler. But don’t worry. I’m up again this year.”

So the provable income meant falling back on my journalism background to write some gaming related stuff for whoever I could tart myself too when I felt like it and becoming an affiliate to various bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms. It also took the stress off the betting side of things.

So here I am now, over 4 years later and still enjoying my “work” from home. I mainly trade cricket and tennis and get to watch an awful lot of it which is great!

But I wouldn’t call myself “full time” in the way many obsess over on the Betfair forums. Instead I keep my writing and affiliate income ticking over while always keeping an eye on the sporting calendar for good trading events.

The challenge

On January 10th 2006 the gorgeous Emma said Yes and we got engaged. 🙂 We are getting married on August 18, 2007. Now, as any of you who have done the deed recently know getting married ain’t cheap!

So to help cover the costs I’m running a separate Betfair account from May 1, 2006. I have a £1,000 bank. At the end of each day / event I will either withdraw the balance above £1,000, or add the difference. Meaning at the start of each event I will always have a £1k balance.

I don’t expect to cover the entire cost of the wedding with the sums involved but a hefty contribution would be most welcome! The key thing is any profit from this account goes directly to the savings for the wedding. Any losses come out of my pocket. (My trading funds are separated from our day to day accounts).



agen poker online terpercaya

FANTASY SPORTS: Draft advice: Don’t overvalue strong players at weak spots

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy baseball owners make is to overrate the production of players at a weak position.

For years, Mike Piazza was selected much higher than he should have been, because he played catcher and so few catchers could hit.

Piazza’s best year was 1997, when he hit .362 with 40 homers, 124 RBIs, 104 runs and five stolen bases for the Dodgers. Clearly, Piazza’s numbers that year justified a first-round selection.

But in most of the other years in which he was a first- or second-round pick, you could have found dozens of outfielders who would have matched his numbers.

The trick is to remember that all the statistics go into the same pot. The goal of the fantasy manager is to draft the player who will have the finest year every time. There is a slightly different strategy in auction leagues, in which you have to consider not only a player’s production but how much of your budget he’ll cost to acquire.

Draft leagues, however, are based simply on production, and the only time position scarcity should be a factor is if you think two players will wind up with similar statistics.

You might be looking at Indians catcher Victor Martinez, thinking there aren’t too many offensive catchers. But don’t jump too early to nab him.

If you don’t think any of the remaining outfielders will surpass his numbers, however, the smart move is to take Martinez because of player scarcity at his position.

Third base, particularly in National League-only leagues, is a  agen poker online terpercaya position at which owners will have to be careful not to jump too soon. There simply aren’t a lot of quality third basemen in the National League and it could be hard to resist the urge to select one too soon.

The Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez had an off year last season by his incredibly high standards. He hit 11 fewer homers than he did in 2003 and 21 fewer than in 2002. His RBIs dropped from 142 in 2002 to 118 in 2003 to 106 last year. And his batting average declined from .300 to .298 to .286.

Those are pretty significant drops. But he did run much more, stealing 28 bases. That helped cover up for some of the lost production.

Regardless of how his statistics dropped, Rodriguez is far and away the best fantasy third baseman. St. Louis’ Scott Rolen holds that position in the National League, but the cupboard is very bare after him.

How many National League third basemen would you rather have than the Mets’ David Wright, who didn’t reach the majors last year until August? Rolen, for sure. Aramis Ramirez and Mike Lowell, too. But after that, there are a lot of question marks.

The best thing to do when preparing for the draft is first to come up with a master list, regardless of position. Simply rate the players by how you believe they’ll do in 2005. While past performance has to be a guide, throw that out if you think a player is in a steep decline. Because what a guy did in 2003 won’t do a thing to help your fantasy team in 2005.

After you have your master list, break it down by position. That will help you identify which positions are weakest and when to use position scarcity to determine worth in the draft.

If you stick to your master list and forget about position, you’ll have a much more solid team and won’t have to hope that Albert Pujols hits 79 home runs for your team to contend.…

Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

A Japanese perspective on football Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021



Shimizu S-Pulse fans are renowned as some of the most passionate in Japanese football.


I caught up with one fan – Shimizu-born Yuichi Korenaga – after Shimizu’s most recent 2-0 win over Kawasaki Frontale, to discuss his opinion on Shimizu’s season and his attitudes towards football in general.


MT: What do you think about S-Pulse’s season so far?


YK: To be honest, it’s pretty disappointing. We thought Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 we could do a lot better since we finished fourth two seasons in a row.


MT: What do you think about S-Pulse reaching the League Cup final?


YK: That has made the supporters happy. Two or three years ago we went to the final for the Emperor’s Cup and most of the players had no experience of winning a title. Only two players (Daisuke Ichikawa and Teruyoshi Ito) have experienced winning a trophy. The supporters are desperate for S-Pulse to win a title, and once the players win a title, they should be more hungry for another one.


MT: How do you rate the standard of the J. League compared to overseas leagues?


YK: The quality of the players is different. Of course in those top leagues, the quality is very high. In the starting years of the J. League, players like Zico were near-retirement… but they could still play. They were some of the top players in the league.


But now the speed of the J. League is very fast. Especially compared to South America, and even some European leagues. So the quality of the imports is very high, if you think of guys like (Robson) Ponte.


When the J. League started, the quality of the players was quite low. But nowadays, I don’t think there’s much difference. It’s like Bebeto. He only played half a season for Kashima because he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the league.


MT: So how has the J. League improved over the years?


YK: Until the Korea-Japan World Cup, the only people who watched games were hardcore soccer fans. After the World Cup in 2002, everyone began to watch soccer. And local J. League teams got more local fans.


MT: What do you think of the new “Asian berth” rule?


YK: That’s hard! Last match against Kawasaki Frontale, they had three Brazilians (Juninho, Vitor Junior and Renatinho) and Chong Tese. So if they introduce the “Asian berth” rule, it means teams like Kawasaki can start with five foreign players out of eleven.


In some ways I think it’s a good idea, if it will improve the level of the J. League. But at the same time, I don’t know if they really need it.


MT: What about the AFC Champions League? Why did Japanese teams only recently begin to take it seriously?


YK: It was really important for Urawa to win the AFC Champions League last year. In 2000, S-Pulse won the Cup Winners Cup but hardly anyone knew about it.


MT: Why?


YK: I think one of the reasons is money. Winning the title for the J. League, or the Nabisco Cup or the Emperor’s Cup… you get more money than you do for winning an AFC title. If you can get more money by winning a domestic title, why would you sacrifice your best players to win less money?


Title-wise, AFC trophies are important. But I don’t think many people recognise them.


MT: Does the FIFA Club World Cup change that?


YK: I think Urawa winning the Champions League last year changed people’s minds. Two years ago the Korean team (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC) played in the Club World Cup and we watched in Japan and thought, if we win the AFC title then we can also play in that.


I think the AFC Champions League will be taken more seriously now for two reasons. One is that there is more money now. The other reason is that we can improve our level of play and test ourselves in competitive matches against teams from Europe and South America in the Club World Cup.


MT: What’s your opinion on the Club World Cup moving to the United Arab Emirates?


YK: I think it’s normal. But we’re losing the opportunity to watch some really good games. The Toyota Cup opened our eyes about the level of top-level soccer. That was the first thing.


Then in 2002 we saw “world level” soccer. So for the younger generation – who had never seen top-level soccer – they were shocked. That was the goal of the JFA Chairman, Mr Naganuma. He wanted Japanese people to see top-level soccer with their own eyes.


MT: Do you watch overseas football?


YK: I watch the Premier League and La Liga.


I like the Premier League… the level is really high. But lots of players are foreign players, not English players. I think that’s one of the reasons the national team is having such a hard time.


At the same time, La Liga is really exciting and so is the way the Spanish national team plays, especially this year at Euro 2008. The way they played is really interesting. They had fun, but they were a really strong team as well.


MT: Do Japanese fans follow overseas teams because Japanese players play for them?


YK: Japanese soccer fans are always interested in what Japanese players are doing. So they try and watch them on TV… like Nakamura when he plays for Celtic.


In the past a lot of Japanese fans wore Perugia shirts and Roma shirts when Hidetoshi Nakata played for those teams. But that’s when the national team was the most important thing. Nowadays more people support their local J. League team, so it’s not as common.


MT: Getting back to the J. League, why do so many S-Pulse fans travel to away matches?


YK: It’s like a lot of teams. Like Urawa.


But Shizuoka has a long history in soccer. Before the J. League started, more than half of the players in the national team came from Shizuoka. So we have a long history of watching soccer.


When players from other prefectures sign for S-Pulse, like (Keisuke) Iwashita, they can never believe that high-school football is broadcast on local TV from the quarter-final stage!


Shizuoka soccer is special. Everyone watches soccer, from high-school soccer up to the J. League.


MT: What does Urawa mean to you?


YK: Nothing [laughs].


They have some of the greatest supporters. But their attitude? I don’t like them.


Urawa has the most supporters who go to the games and the second-most is Niigata. I’ve been to both stadiums. Urawa is more aggressive, even though most of their supporters are younger kids. Their supporters are… not really looking for a fight, but their attitude towards other supporters is really hostile.


But at Niigata they’re all friendly. The crowd is made up of young kids and older people, and the way they come to the stadium is like they’re having a picnic. They are there to have a fun time. And they respect opposition supporters. I really like that attitude.


MT: What do you think about the J. League’s proposal to change to a winter-based calendar?


YK: I think they should. But at the same time it’s really hard. We are not really used to going out (to watch soccer) in winter time. We can understand it to watch rugby. People think rugby is a winter sport, and winter is the time to watch college rugby. Even though it’s cold, people go to watch college rugby in winter. But soccer is really hard. It’s really hard to say whether it’s a good idea or not.


MT: What will playing in winter do to crowds in Niigata, Sendai and Sapporo?


YK: They will still come. Especially in Niigata. And Consadole can still play in the Sapporo Dome.


But maybe next year Montedio Yamagata will come up to J1. So I’m not sure what they’re going to do!


MT: What do you think of the national team?


YK: They’re a joke!


MT: What’s the problem with them?


YK: It’s really hard to say. Lots of people really wanted to see how Osim could make the Japanese team. We could see the step up, at every single level, he really improved the team. That was really interesting.


Okada is the same, but he’s more realistic. He takes the match that is in front of him more seriously. He’s not thinking about the future.


Osim tried to use younger players, to give them experience.


MT: Do you understand the criticism from the foreign press towards (former JEF United coach) Osim for using five JEF United players?


YK: I thought the media was wrong about that.


From my point of view, Osim used those players from JEF United because he had already instructed those players on how to play as a team. So they knew what Osim expected.


I thought that, back then, those JEF United players were good enough to play for the national team.


MT: So what’s your opinion of Takeshi Okada?


YK: That’s a hard question! My point of view is that we should find a better head coach. But at the same time, after what happened to Osim, Okada did a pretty good job in such a limited time.


But he announced that we can finish in the top four at the next World Cup. I don’t think so! He was dreaming… day-dreaming!


MT: Why are Japanese players struggling to score goals?


YK: I think lots of it comes down to cultural reasons. Our attitude is… don’t be selfish. Even though our players should shoot, they choose to pass.


MT: Is that why Brazilians score so many goals in the J. League?


YK: I think so. Especially a player like Marquinhos. He’s selfish, but I think a striker should be like that.


Most Japanese players put more value in passing. From a young age, Japanese players would rather play in midfield than as a striker. They would rather be a playmaker and “make the game” than score goals.


That’s why we’ve had players like Endo and Shunsuke Nakamura and Nakata.


MT: What do you think about foreign fans supporting the J. League? Are you surprised?


YK: I think it’s good. I’m not surprised.


Part of the reason that some people are surprised is that some Japanese people still think the level of the J. League is not that high, so they wonder why foreign fans would come to the ground to watch. So that’s part of the reason.


But also a lot of Japanese fans think the only people who come to watch games are local people. But actually it’s not always local people. Some of my friends live in Tokyo, they’ve never lived in Shizuoka, but they still support S-Pulse. So it’s not always local people.


MT: How important is it for the J. League to increase its profile?


YK: That’s pretty important, I think. It’s like Urawa. The locals support them big time. So they can make good money, and they can run the team much better.


Other local teams have fans, but it’s not like Urawa. So they can make money, but some J. League teams are in debt every year. But if they can make more fans, it’s easier to run the team.


I think last year, Urawa made a difference (in the AFC Champions League). Now more foreign fans might start following Japanese football.


MT: Lastly, what do you hope S-Pulse achieves for the rest of the season?


YK: …