Religion for keeping humanity alive

Who’s Who with Religion for keeping humanity alive




The Who’s Who section includes brief biographies of some of those thinkers that have contributed most to the philosophy of religion and the debate concerning God’s existence. The biographies are divided into two categories: historic figures and modern authors. Some thinkers, of course, are a little difficult to categorise; all historic thinkers were at one time modern authors, and all modern authors eventually become historic figures (though some less prominent than others).


Historic Figures

The historic figures described here include some heavyweight philosophers and theologians. St Anselm of Canterbury was the father of scholasticism, and the inventor of the ontological argument. St Thomas Aquinas was without a doubt the greatest of the medieval philosopher-theologians, offering several forms of cosmological argument (and much else besides).


Rene Descartes is remembered for, among other things, his use of the ontological argument to avoid global scepticism; William Paley is best known for his analogical statement of the design argument; Blaise Pascal’s lasting contribution was Pascal’s Wager.


Though Immanuel Kant offered a moral argument for theism, his objection to the ontological argument that existence is not a predicate is probably his most widely studied contribution to the philosophy of religion today. David Hume remains a figurehead for atheism to this day; his criticisms of theism are still powerful and influential.


Modern Authors

Of the modern authors, two stand out: Alvin Plantinga and Richard Swinburne. Plantinga’s work, particularly on reformed epistemology, has done much to galvanise contemporary Christian philosophy; Swinburne’s contribution over the years was monumental.


Learn more about Religion for keeping humanity alive


William Lane Craig has also made waves with his championing of the kalam cosmological argument, and his talent not only as a philosopher but also as a public debater. John Hick has been a great source of controversy; though he remains a theist, he advocates religious pluralism.


On the other side, Richard Dawkins and Michael Martin have presented powerful critiques of religion, Dawkins from a scientific and Martin from a philosophical perspective. Antony Flew, for most of his life an outspoken representative of atheism, recently defected to deism, but still holds to many of his arguments against theism.


Viral Studio

A Quick Guide to Making use of TikTok For Enterprise by Viral Studio | Viral stud | Tiktok account management virality | Viral tiktok account creators




If you? lso are on the boundary about using TikTok for business, it? t time and energy to buckle upward and hop about the trend.


TikTok is growing inside popularity with content creators and brands that are looking to increase their audience, boost engagement, and achieve millions of individuals.


It? s the fun platform wherever you can spotlight a less curated version of your brand, try out video, and drive traffic to your web-site. Contact us at Viral Studio for more information.


Within this blog article, we’ll discuss 5 here are some hints you use TikTok for business, and start raising for the platform of which? s taken typically the world by surprise:


Person holding cell phone with text “A Quick Instructions on Using TikTok for Business”

Why TikTok is Good for Businesses and Brands

Together with more than two billion downloads, TikTok? s popularity is definitely on the increase and shows little sign of slowing down down.


But this can be a daunting sociable media platform for some users. What if you can? to dance? Do an individual need to become a video expert? Luckily, anyone will use TikTok successfully? no dance or perhaps video experience essential.


From educational movies to beauty changes, there are several ways to use TikTok for your business or private brand.


Take Margaret from @experimentingwithdecor for example. She began creating videos in April and it has currently racked up 26K followers on TikTok by sharing budget-friendly home decor concepts.


@experimentingwithdecorTransformed this thrifted lamp using squirt paint and 3d stickers from dollars shrub. ##diylamp ##dollartreediy ##dollartreehacks ##thriftedtransformation ##diy Very good Day? Nappy Roots

With a robust social strategy, TikTok may help you have entertaining with video content material, build a market community, and tap into a young audience.


Figure out how to help to make TikTok trends function for your brand name and more found in this 1-hour class with an all-star lineup of TikTok stars and specialists!


TikTok for Business #1: Get Secure with the Platform

Because the new kid on the stop, TikTok needs a learning curve? specifically if you? re not comfortable using creating video content material.


Before you get directly into using that for your company, create a personal profile, and play around with typically the app first.


TikTok has various enhancing tools and outcomes? experiment with all of them, create different transitions to see what would likely make sense with regard to your brand.


It can also be helpful to check out the Discovery case and follow hashtags to see what various other businesses (including the competitors) are doing.


Just what is Tiktok

If you? re a foods brand, you might find inspiration from how a fashion brand is including goods into video tutorials. In the event you? re the copywriter, you might think an individual trainer? s health and fitness tips are entertaining and engaging.


It? s important not to copy other guys? s content immediately, but rather to put your own spin on it in a creative method so your brand can stand out and about and connect together with your target viewers.


TIP: We? empieza create a helpful guidebook to help you get began on TikTok and set up your own account!


TikTok regarding Business #2: Select Your Niche Theme

TikTok users such as to follow unique accounts, and due to algorithm, anyone can discover your content.


By concentrating on a specialized niche topic, you? ll have more overall flexibility to be imaginative, enjoy yourself, and get a gap for the business to make a direct impact.


As a new chiropractor, @drcody_dc? h TikTok is full of videos cracking his clients? backs and necks.


@drcody_dcHeimlich Maneuver ##crack ##drcody ##foryou ##drcrack ##chiropractic ##video? initial sound? Dr Cody

Why does this specific work on TikTok?


By sharing speedy clips of his / her sessions, Dr. Cody can show typically the work he does indeed and satisfy the countless numbers of viewers which are fascinated by typically the world of chiropractic specialists.


Choosing a niche topic also may help because you can drill down in addition to concentrate on certain aspects of your company.


For example, in the event you? re a bakery, your TikTok can feature behind-the-scenes articles that focuses particularly on bagels. You may become known in TikTok as the particular go-to account for everything bagel-making.


HINT: If you constantly share niche content, your ideal target audience will find and even engage by it. Plus as your neighborhood grows, you? lmost all be able in order to direct them further than TikTok? like in order to your internet site.…


Is CBD legal in Florida? The CBD Laws of the Sunshine State by Zen CBD




After Donald J. Trump’s signing of the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018, CBD legal status in Florida has been in dispute for some time. The law provided for freedom in the sale of industrial hemp. Every Floridian has a different opinion on the topic of marijuana isolation. A North Carolina woman was arrested for possession of CBD oil. This happened in 2019.


Recent research suggests that CBD oil has many uses. It is said to be effective in treating anxiety, pain, seizures, as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory. New uses for CBD oil are constantly being discovered thanks to the ongoing research. You can buy CBD oil products online in Florida. If you prefer, you can also purchase locally; there are many brick-and-mortar shops available.


This article will discuss the laws surrounding marijuana use in Florida.


Is CBD legal in Florida? The State Laws and Regulations


Florida is the most southernmost state in the United States. It borders the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. There are hundreds of miles of beaches in Florida. The city of Miami is also well-known for its outstanding arts and Latin-American cultural influences. It is also known for its nightlife, especially in the upscale South Beach. Walt Disney World is one of the most famous Orlando theme parks.


But the real question is: Is CBD legal in Florida? We will answer this question with Zen CBD. The law regarding CBD in Florida is not clear as of yet. Floridians were able to legally use CBD after the enactment SB 1020. A North Carolina woman was arrested in 2019 for possessing CBD oil. While CBD’s legality is a controversial issue in North Carolina, this case has brought the matter to a new level.


In 2019, the Florida governor signed a new bill that allowed industrial hemp growth. It was a major victory for farmers but it had a few limitations. The law primarily restricted the THC content of CBD products to 0.3%. As a rule of thumb, CBD can be legally purchased, traded, and sold as long as the THC level is below 0.3%. There are several ways to purchase CBD. The state is generally very generous with online shops that sell CBD.


It is legal to sell CBD-derived hemp online in Florida. Only the product must have a THC level that is below the legal limit. You must comply with the medical marijuana standard if you want to buy marijuana-derived CBD.







It’s straightforward to develop to be bamboozled when desirous about search engine optimisation, nevertheless there’s a lot of easy SEO tips you’ll be able to apply with none skilled info.


Proper right here I’ve compiled 30+ ideas to help small corporations improve on their net optimization efforts.


These are all straightforward and free to implement, it is just a case of allocating the time to put them into practice.


Assume content materials

We rank properly due to the content materials we produce. It’s the best approach to make your website associated to the phrases people are looking for and to make way people can easily visit web site or blog.


One of the easy SEO tips would be to making some specific content materials on every net web page works as laborious as it’d in all possibly.


Start a weblog

It labored for us. It shouldn’t be carried out purely as an net optimization play, as merely producing content materials to cram in key phrases won’t work in the long term.


In its place, write to your viewers and produce a weblog that brings people to the situation many occasions. That’s SMM MEDIA BOOSTER content materials promoting and advertising for you.


It might be easier to jot down for some enterprise varieties than others, nevertheless there’s sometimes an angle to be found. If dental clinics can find ideas for articles, so can you.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


The side influence of this operating a weblog train is that, over time, you could have associated and steadily updated content materials for engines like google to index.


Put Your customers or readers first

Don’t become obsessive about cramming every key phrase you’ll proper right into a weblog submit or product description, intention to provide associated and a spotlight-grabbing pages initially.


Don’t write for the varied search engines like google, write in your readers.


Another important but easy Seo tips is to create pages on social web sites

Social media is an efficient means for small corporations to assemble their on-line presence full stop, and it’s properly worth experimenting to look out the web sites that work best on your company.


As a main step, organize profiles with right contact and internet deal with particulars on crucial social web sites.


Don’t perception corporations that promise assured outcomes

There are not any simple shortcuts to rank organically. An outstanding search engine optimisation firm will present you the best way to to rank as extraordinarily as your site can, nevertheless it merely isn’t doable to make sure net web page one rankings.


Companies promising such nonsense usually tend to do additional harm than good in the long term, and help to current net optimization a nasty determine.


Moreover, you don’t primarily need an firm to reinforce your search engine advertising efforts.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


Hold watch over your organization’s methods

Following on from the sooner degree, quick outcomes have been achieved before now by methods equal to aggressive hyperlink developing.


Even when this does work fast-time interval, the methods used are vulnerable to have repercussions further down the street, perhaps inside the kind of a Google penalty.


Keep an eye fixed fastened out, and if you all the sudden have tons of of inbound hyperlinks from Polish tractor boards, then it’s time to worry.


Use a straightforward, clear URL development

People should be able to guess the topic of an internet web page by wanting solely at its URL.


Write content materials with an prolonged shelf life

That’s content materials that doesn’t age too shortly. In distinction to info-related posts, evergreen contentought to carry visitors coming to your site prolonged-time interval.


That’s good for search too, as this kind of content  materials is additional vulnerable to rank on an prolonged-time interval basis.


As an example, this put up on PPC landing pages was revealed in July 2013 nevertheless stays to be score extraordinarily for this aggressive time interval.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


Take a look at your opponents

Uncover out what the web sites score on net web page one in your aim key phrases have accomplished, on-web site and off-web site, to comprehend this.


Use Google’s Key phrase Planner

That’s good for producing ideas for key phrases and seeing how aggressive they’re.


On this occasion, we’ve used our private weblog as a result of the ‘landing net web page’, nevertheless you may use URLs of rivals to look out new phrases to consider writing about.


That’s explained in more detail here, nevertheless primarily the system will extract a bunch of key phrase options based mostly totally on the content materials found by means of the URL you submit.


easy SEO tips


Have a way for inside linking

Good use of internal linking may assist you to to rank for positive aim key phrases, along with serving to your visitors to hunt out useful or related content materials.


Cautious with these key phrases

Key phrase stuffing is one factor Google will spot merely. It moreover seems to be like harmful for visitors and impacts the usual of pages.


Contemplate one or two key phrases and phrases to give attention to and use them naturally. Use semantically related phrases and phrases to avoid repetition.


Use your web site search information for aim key phrases

The phrases that people enter into your site search subject may additionally aid you to find out objective key phrases.


It’s as a result of the important thing phrases that people use to go searching inside your website, for merchandise or knowledge, are very susceptible to be the similar key phrases they use on serps.


Organize a Google Native itemizing

That’s free, and a easy strategy to reinforce your presence in native search outcomes.


Proper right here, David Moth explains how to go about this.


Encourage prospects to go away opinions on Google listings

Good opinions will help to current your finish end result additional prominence on Google.


Don’t anticipate quick outcomes

search engine advertising is an prolonged-time interval method and can take time to offer outcomes, notably in aggressive sectors.


Whenever you’re doing the becoming points, it’s going to work in the long term.


Optimise for cell

Google is focusing heavily on mobile optimisation, together with textual content material and labels to mobile search outcomes to level these web sites which might be ‘mobile-nice’.


It is best to current the most effective cell experience chances are you’ll for patrons.


easy SEO tips


You might check out your gained website online using Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ tool.



Assure your pictures have alt tags on them and embody key phrases (naturally) inside the filename.


Organize Google analytics

Be certain analytics monitoring code is put in – the standard mannequin stays to be free and till you’ve got a strong motive to go for an alternate platform that’s the one attempt to be using.


It’s very quick and easy to place in regardless of platform so it shouldn’t worth you larger than half-hour of their time. Here’s some more detail.


Use Webmaster devices

Having a GWMT account means Google can let you recognize about any specific points it’s having accessing your site.


Or if it believes your web site has been hacked and delisted from the search outcomes, view and query your hyperlinks and website guests sources (based mostly on Google), lets you submit sitemaps, inform Google the best way you want your website to look inside the SERPS and far more.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


Use Schema markup

Schema markup is explained in more detail here, nevertheless principally it’s a technique to help your web site’s outcomes stand out just a little bit additional.


It’s the distinction between this:


easy SEO tips


and this…


easy SEO tips


Add useful information to you native pages

Create distinctive content materials for each bodily location, nevertheless make sure it is associated to the individual.


Opening situations, contact particulars and retailer deal with should be there, nevertheless think about totally different strategies to make these pages additional useful, akin to together with photographs, menus, providers on provide and so forth.


Even greater, create this content materials at a neighborhood stage if attainable, using retailer staff.


Think about UX

Google is increasingly more focusing on things which affect the user experience when score web sites – cell optimisation, website online tempo and so forth.


Making your web site simple to utilize is not solely good in your shoppers (and product sales) however as well as helps alongside together with your net optimization efforts


Optimise native pages for aim native key phrases

The online web page’s title tag should embody the mannequin title, the important thing phrase being targeted and the location. You will need to additionally take into accounts this with the meta description of the online web page.


This should be potential to achieve with out making each net web page or meta description come all through as unnatural, because the goal stays to optimise for every clients and search engines like google like google.


Uncover out who’s linking to you

You’ll be able to do that on Webmaster Devices under the ‘search website guests’ menu, as beneath:


easy SEO tips


Discovering out who’s linking, and the pages they’re linking to may show you how to to look out out which content materials is working for you.


Make it possible for citations, NAP listings and on-net web page deal with references are fixed

NAP (title, cope with, cellphone amount) citations are a key score think about native search engine advertising and Google appears to be at them in a similar technique to how they check out hyperlinks in typical web site positioning. NAP citations from associated and authoritative websites current additional value, equivalent to with hyperlinks.


Google moreover recognises partial citations, so references of enterprise title + deal with or deal with + phone amount.


Write your private product descriptions

Fairly often retailers are caught up with ‘samey’ product copy and undoubtedly for branded objects which might be purchased by means of diversified websites it might be robust to differentiate your product copy.


I might recommend, the place it is potential, to put in writing down specific copy for each merchandise. That’s good in your private conversion fees, and likewise presents Google additional distinctive content materials to crawl.


It doesn’t have to be pretty as florid as J Peterman’s copy, however it should converse to your shoppers.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


Monitor your key phrases

Monitoring objective key phrases will allow you to to see how your net optimization efforts are understanding.


In case you make some changes on site or produce some content materials, what impression does this have on rankings?


There are numerous paid devices to hint large numbers of key phrases, nevertheless on probably the most elementary diploma you may probably monitor them manually with the help of a spreadsheet.


easy SEO tips for small businesses


Don’t obsess over rankings

With out wishing to contradict the sooner degree, it’s essential to understand that search rankings are fluid and may change in keeping with the searcher’s location, system, search historic previous and so forth.


Seek for primary up and down traits comparatively than worrying about shifting every time interval up one or two places.


Search rankings are fluid, and should differ consistent with the searcher’s location, gadget and so forth.


Individual critiques

It good to encourage user reviews, at the beginning to reinforce conversions, however as well as because of they could assist …


What we do – WashMates | Laundry delivered | Uber for laundry tucson la





Washmates are orchestrators of commercial laundry services for customers nationwide.


With quite a name to live up to, our approach is all about being open and positive, rising above the usual and the expected to offer a service that thinks above and beyond convention. It’s a Washmatesly thought-through fully rounded service that really works. Delivered locally, our services are managed nationally by people who are determined to offer good old fashioned authentic customer service everyday.


The Service Offer

In essence the Washmates offer is – customer service. We deliver that customer service by skillfully orchestrating laundry services nationwide – an offer that is particularly suited to customers with multiple sites across the US. It’s a national service, delivered locally, managed centrally. Click here to find out more.


Linen Hire

WashMates offer a seamlessly efficient linen hire service for bedlinen, tablelinen and towelling. The service is particularly suited to multi-site national brands, but works for any business wanting a reliable service with quality products.

Click here to find out more.


Garment Hire

We’re well practiced at kitting-out your people with the most appropriate garments and providing a managed workwear service.

Click here to find out more.



We’re pretty sure our managed chefswear service is the most thought-through offering out there. Click here to find out more.



Our service includes gadgets and goodies to keep this important room clean and fresh. Click here to find out more.


Floor Protection…

Amazon of smoke supplies

Smokeless Tobacco Warning by Puffazon Amazon of smoke supplies | Largest internet retailer of smoke supplies | Smokeshop supplies delivered like Amazon





In her study, Dr. Hatsukami randomly assigned a total of 402 smokeless tobacco users to one of 4 treatments: active nicotine patch, inactive patch, a combination of active patch and a non-nicotine mint snuff, or a combination of inactive patch and mint snuff. All participants received initial counseling on smokeless tobacco cessation methods and a self-help manual to take home prior to beginning treatment. On their quit date, patients began using their assigned treatments and continued for 10 weeks. During treatment, participants met weekly with counselors for brief support sessions. Results were assessed 15, 25, 36, and 62 weeks after participants stopped using smokeless tobacco. The study found that both the active patch and mint snuff reduced craving and withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, frustration, anger, anxiety, and depressed mood. Withdrawal symptoms generally peaked during the first week after use was stopped. Only the active patch improved rates of continuous abstinence at 10 and 15 weeks following cessation. By the 23rd week, the differences in abstinence rates among all treatments had become marginal, although active patch users were still slightly more likely to be abstinent. At 62 weeks following cessation, no significant differences in abstinence were observed for any of the treatment conditions.


Many individuals use smokeless tobacco despite its obvious drawbacks because they are hooked on nicotine, a highly addictive drug. More about Amazon of smoke supplies


“A number of studies have shown that the nicotine patch is more effective than a placebo patch in sustaining long-term abstinence from cigarette smoking, but the patch appeared to be effective with smokeless tobacco users only during the period of actual patch use and shortly thereafter,” notes Dr. Hatsukami. “We don’t know if this means we need to use the patch for longer periods of time with smokeless tobacco users or if sensory or behavioral aspects of smokeless tobacco use, such as putting something in one’s mouth, may be as important as the nicotine in sustaining use,” she says. The fact that a nicotine-free mint snuff also reduced withdrawal symptoms illustrates the potential importance of the sensory aspects of smokeless tobacco in sustaining its use, she says. Previous research does suggest that intensive, multicomponent, behavioral treatment may help smokeless tobacco users to sustain abstinence over the longer term, she says.


“Many questions about smokeless tobacco use and its treatment remain unanswered,” Dr. Hatsukami says. “We really need to learn more about all the dimensions of smokeless tobacco use to develop effective treatments that are better tailored to this underserved population,” she says.…


Natural Law Theory of Neostocism




The natural law theory of ethics has existed in many forms. In its classical form, it is simply the opposite of conventionalist moral scepticism. In its Thomist form, it characterises morality as a function of the rational human nature that God has given us, stressing God’s purposes in Creation as defining our purpose as human beings, and therefore as defining how we ought to lead our lives.


Classical Natural Law Theory

In ancient Greece, conventionalists questioned the weight of the moral law. Moral laws, they suggested, as they vary from nation to nation, must be seen a positive laws, i.e. as laws prescribed by legislative authorities. As such they are mere artefacts of society, conventions, and as such, some of them thought, are not really binding.


This conventionalist view, an early cultural relativism, was opposed from Plato and Aristotle to Cicero and beyond. Morality is not conventional, these thinkers argued, but natural. There is a natural law that must be obeyed whether it is written down by legislative authorities or not. This, what we would now call moral objectivism, is the essence of classical natural law theory.


As conventionalism was associated with the idea that moral laws vary between societies, it is intuitive to see natural law theory as associated with the idea that moral laws are immutable, unchangeable. This association is not necessary, however, and even goes against the views of some natural law theorists, including Aristotle himself.


All that is necessary for a theory to be a natural law theory, in the simple sense introduced so far, is that it oppose conventionalism, that it hold that the moral law is independent of any legislative act. There is no reason, however, why such a moral law must be immutable, and so there is no necessary connection between natural law theory and the view that morality is immutable.


Thomist Natural Law Theory of Neostocism

Thus far, natural law theory has been characterised in quite minimalist terms. More developed natural law theories, however, involve more than the rejection of conventionalism. Indeed, for many, natural law theory is a theory about the relationship between morality and human nature, the theory that who we are determines how we ought to act. There is way of living that is in accordance with human nature, this kind of natural law theory holds, and morality prescribes that we live such a life.


This form of natural law theory is particularly associated with Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas understood human nature to be defined by reason and freedom; it is our ability to reason and to make our own free choices, after all, that sets us apart from animals. Whereas material objects and animals without free will do by nature, deterministically, as God wills them to do, we who have free will may choose either to play our part in God’s plan or not. Reason can tell us what this part is; our purpose is discoverable. With freedom comes responsibility to do as we were made to do.


It is a traditional weakness of natural law theories that they are unclear in their application. It may be that the moral law is independent of any legislative act, but then how are we to know what it requires of us? It may be that there are fundamental principles of action then are evident to reason, but which specific acts do they prescribe in my circumstances? It may be that we ought to act in accordance with our nature, but what is it natural for us to do?


Delegate capital

Delegate capital – UK Land Investments Group appoints top planning consultancy.



This week UK Land Investments Group announced after a long and careful deliberation that it had appointed a top level planning consultancy to work on gaining planning permission on their land sites. The newly appointed consultancy will be working in conjunction with the Group’s own planning specialists, who currently supervise ongoing projects on all land sites.


The external planning company has an enviable reputation in the UK for gaining planning permission on large areas of rural land that was previously thought difficult to achieve building upon in the medium term. The firm has anticipated that it could achieve successful planning applications on a number of the Group’s sites within a 2 to 3 year period.


UK Land Investments Group’s Legal Department explained;

“Obtaining planning permission is crucial to achieving the return on investment our clients seek. While it is clear that the demand for housing in the South East is far outstripping the supply, gaining planning permission, (particularly on greenbelt sites), can never be guaranteed. Therefore it is important we bring the very best expertise possible to bear on behalf of our clients and this is why we are working with one of the best planning consultancies in the industry.”


The appointment of this planning by Delegate capital is just one of the significant responses UK Land investments Group is launching, in the wake of calls by some for the land investment business to be held more accountable for pledges and promises that are often made to clients. Some smaller firms have indicated that housing will soon be built on sites that have virtually no chance of gaining planning permission, and this has affected confidence in the industry.


UK Land Investments Group is fighting hard to re-install confidence in the industry through a number of new initiatives. These include the proposed creation of a regulatory body that will instigate strict new guidelines and ethics about careful and responsible ownership. By creating a stronger sense of trust and confidence in the land industry, the Group believes that both clients and land companies will be more successful in the future.…

PR Studio

Learn LESS and SASS with CSS by PR Studio | PR for studios | PR packages LA






Introduction to the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“

Learn LESS and SASS with CSS to take your development skills to the next level.


LESS and SASS are two amazing tools to create features that you always wished to have in CSS.


In this course series(“Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“), I will be covering :


how to install the tools required for LESS ans SASS,

how to use the tools to build CSS code using features like: variables ( variables helps you to create your style rule just once and use them again and again through out your stylesheet.), mixins ( mixins are reusable classes.), functions and mathematical operations.



Just CSS versus CSS with LESS and SASS

In this tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I will be discussing the reasons to use LESS and SASS with CSS. And why using just CSS is boring.


CSS is an amazing language. No doubt about that. But it do have some disadvantages. Let me list some of them for you here :


No solutions for defining common re-usable style. Suppose you have a few common style rule sets which you want to repeat on your site. In CSS you just have to rewrite them every single time. But with LESS and SASS you can do that.

No mathematical operations or calculations can be performed using CSS. But LESS and SASS helps us do that.

We can not define variables in CSS. Variables are values that are defined just once and then can be re-used again and again through out your style sheet. Say for example you need a specific border-radius of 3 pixels for all your buttons on your website. If you use just CSS, then you have to assign 3 pixels to each and every button and in future if you want to change the border radius to 5 pixels then again you have to change it in every place. But with variables you just have to do it once.

CSS is difficult to track for larger websites. But LESS ans SASS helps you track it easier and better.

So, what is LESS and SASS?


Both SASS and LESS are CSS preprocessors, which allow writing clean CSS in a programming construct instead of static rules.

LESS and SASS provide advanced CSS features.

Ofcourse SASS and LESS are higher-level style syntaxes.

Both LESS and SASS are rendered or compiled into standard CSS before the browser renders the page. And do not worry my friends, you do not have to compile anything. You just have to write the code and there are compilers that converts LESS and SASS to normal CSS and renders them to browsers.


PART 3 :

Setting up PR Studio tools for LESS and SASS

In this tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I will be taking you through the process of downloading and installing tools for LESS and SASS .


The first thing to download is SASS and LESS libraries.

For setting up SASS, You will have to additionally install Ruby but if you are a mac user then you do not have to install ruby as it comes pre-installed.

For client side compilation of LESS, I will be using SimpLESS for my windows environment. If you are a mac or windows user then you can use SimpLESS.

Download less library.


Install ruby and SASS.


PART 4 :

Your first LESS example – Getting you up and running

In this tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“,  I will be helping you build your first LESS example. I will be demonstrating you a simple example just to showcase what LESS can do. And I do not expect you to understand everything from it. The whole purpose of this video is to just get you excited, up and running with LESS by giving you an idea of the kind of things that you can do using LESS.


PART 5 :

Compiling LESS files with SimpLESS

In the previous tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I did show you how to use the LESS javascript file to compile LESS style rules. In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to use the client side compiler SimpLESS to compile my LESS code. Note that SimpLESS is just a client side compiler and whatever I am going to show you in this tutorial is about compilation on client side. The server side compilation is different but I am not going to cover that in this course.


Download exercise files for lecture 5 :




PART 6 :

Understanding variables in LESS

For me, variables are one of the amazing features for which I switched from using just plain old CSS to use LESS or SASS.


So, what are variables? Variables holds some values that we can use in several different places. Variables can hold strings, numbers, colors and what not.


In LESS a variable is declared with a prefix of @ character.


PART 7 :

Understanding mixins in LESS

Mixin is another amazing feature from LESS. A mixin lets you define common properties just once and then re-use them again and again through out your style sheet.


A mixin is defined in a very similar way how you would define any other CSS rule set. Let me jump straight to an example and show you how a mixin is created and re-used.


Please watch the video for more.


PART 8 :

Understanding nested rules in LESS

LESS allows you to write nested rules which allows you to create rules that look like the DOM structure.


Nested rules can be used to make the style rules defined between parent and child and psuedo classes even simpler.


Let me demonstrate an example to show you what I mean.


Please watch the video to continue.


PART 9 :

Understanding operators in LESS

So far in this tutorial I have been using LESS to reorganise my CSS structure. We have seen variables, mixins and nested rules so far which just lets you restructure the CSS. But now I am going to show you how to do mathematical operations with the help of LESS.


So, the happy news for you is that: using calculations and mathematical operations in your CSS file is possible through LESS.


Let’s jump into the demonstration.


PART 10 :

Parametrized mixins in LESS

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to pass arguments for mixins.  In the part 7 of this series we have already looked at basic usage of mixins with no arguments. So, I would like to jump to a much advanced topic to show you how to use arguments with mixins.


A mixin with arguments is called “parametrized mixin“.


So lets jump to the demo.


PART 11 :

Parametrized mixins in LESS – Contd.

In the previous tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, we discussed how to pass parameters as arguments to a mixin. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to pass multiple parameters as arguments to mixin.


PART 12 :

Parametrized mixins in LESS – Contd.

In this tutorial of the couse series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I am going to show you how to use the arguments keyword with mixin.


In addition to passing parameters that are named and then using those names through out your the mixin class, LESS also provides an easier and simpler way to do this using the arguments parameter.


You can use the argument parameters when you want to use the arguments as they are listed in order through out your mixin class.


Let me clear the concept with the demo.


PART 13 :

Built-in LESS functions

The LESS library provides a bunch of functions for working with some common situations that you are going to find yourself in when using some of the features of LESS.


The first list of functions that I would like to share is:


Color functions:

These functions can be used  to manipulate the values of colors on your stylesheet.


darken(color, amount), is used to darken the color.

lighten(color, amount), is used to lighten the color.

fadein(color, amount), is used to control the alpha transparency of color.

fadeout(color, amount), is used to control the alpha transparency of color.

fade(color, amount), is used to control the alpha transparency of color.

mix(color1, color2), is used to mix two colors together.

spin(color, degrees), is used to spin an input color with a certain degrees on the color wheel and comes up with a new color.

saturate(color, amount), is used to control the saturation level of color.

desaturate(color, amount), is used to control the saturation level of color.

Color functions:

These functions are used to extract values from certain colors.






These functions, when given a color will convert the color to hsl and then give you a value based on the function that you are using.


And there are also math functions.


Math functions:

round(number), rounds up the decimal number to give you an integer.


floor(number),  ceil and floor functions gives you the next closest integer number when a decimal number is given to it.

percentage(number), will come up with a percentage value when given an input number.

Let’s jump to the demo now to see some of the mentioned functions in action.


PART 14 :

Mixins with Pattern matching

In the earlier tutorials of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, we have discussed how to define mixins. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how mixins in LESS can also be defined with an advanced feature called “Pattern matching”.


Let me show you how to do pattern matching with the help of an example. Before proceeding with the tutorial, if you want the source code for this tutorial, you can download it from below mentioned link.


PART 15 :

Guarded mixins

Guarded mixins are very much similar to pattern matching mixins except that they match on conditions rather than values.


PART 16 :

Introduction to SASS

In the first 15 tutorials of this course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I have been discussing about LESS. From this tutorial, We are going to start with SASS.


So, What is SASS?

SASS is a pre-processor, which takes code written in SASS syntax and then converts it into standard CSS before the code is uploaded to your website. Any detailed or official information can be found from the official website for SASS.


SASS comes in two different versions.


SASS with .scss extension: SCSS is a superset of CSS3 syntaxes. Which means that if you are writing your style rules in CSS3 standards then it is validated as SCSS.

Older version: with .sass extension. Which is rarely being used any more. So, if you see a project which is using .sass syntax then it is an older version and not preferred any more.

Currently the scss version is being use and that’s what I am going to discuss in my course series. But if you want to learn about the older version of SASS then please go through the official documentation on their website.


In order to learn SASS, you should be familiar with the command line. So let me take you to the demo on command line.


PART 17 :

Variables in SASS

In this tutorial of the course series “Learn LESS and SASS with CSS“, I am going to show you how to use variables in SASS. SASS variables are declared using a $ character. There …

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