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FANTASY SPORTS: Draft advice: Don’t overvalue strong players at weak spots

One of the biggest mistakes fantasy baseball owners make is to overrate the production of players at a weak position.

For years, Mike Piazza was selected much higher than he should have been, because he played catcher and so few catchers could hit.

Piazza’s best year was 1997, when he hit .362 with 40 homers, 124 RBIs, 104 runs and five stolen bases for the Dodgers. Clearly, Piazza’s numbers that year justified a first-round selection.

But in most of the other years in which he was a first- or second-round pick, you could have found dozens of outfielders who would have matched his numbers.

The trick is to remember that all the statistics go into the same pot. The goal of the fantasy manager is to draft the player who will have the finest year every time. There is a slightly different strategy in auction leagues, in which you have to consider not only a player’s production but how much of your budget he’ll cost to acquire.

Draft leagues, however, are based simply on production, and the only time position scarcity should be a factor is if you think two players will wind up with similar statistics.

You might be looking at Indians catcher Victor Martinez, thinking there aren’t too many offensive catchers. But don’t jump too early to nab him.

If you don’t think any of the remaining outfielders will surpass his numbers, however, the smart move is to take Martinez because of player scarcity at his position.

Third base, particularly in National League-only leagues, is a  agen poker online terpercaya position at which owners will have to be careful not to jump too soon. There simply aren’t a lot of quality third basemen in the National League and it could be hard to resist the urge to select one too soon.

The Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez had an off year last season by his incredibly high standards. He hit 11 fewer homers than he did in 2003 and 21 fewer than in 2002. His RBIs dropped from 142 in 2002 to 118 in 2003 to 106 last year. And his batting average declined from .300 to .298 to .286.

Those are pretty significant drops. But he did run much more, stealing 28 bases. That helped cover up for some of the lost production.

Regardless of how his statistics dropped, Rodriguez is far and away the best fantasy third baseman. St. Louis’ Scott Rolen holds that position in the National League, but the cupboard is very bare after him.

How many National League third basemen would you rather have than the Mets’ David Wright, who didn’t reach the majors last year until August? Rolen, for sure. Aramis Ramirez and Mike Lowell, too. But after that, there are a lot of question marks.

The best thing to do when preparing for the draft is first to come up with a master list, regardless of position. Simply rate the players by how you believe they’ll do in 2005. While past performance has to be a guide, throw that out if you think a player is in a steep decline. Because what a guy did in 2003 won’t do a thing to help your fantasy team in 2005.

After you have your master list, break it down by position. That will help you identify which positions are weakest and when to use position scarcity to determine worth in the draft.

If you stick to your master list and forget about position, you’ll have a much more solid team and won’t have to hope that Albert Pujols hits 79 home runs for your team to contend.

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A Japanese perspective on football Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021



Shimizu S-Pulse fans are renowned as some of the most passionate in Japanese football.


I caught up with one fan – Shimizu-born Yuichi Korenaga – after Shimizu’s most recent 2-0 win over Kawasaki Frontale, to discuss his opinion on Shimizu’s season and his attitudes towards football in general.


MT: What do you think about S-Pulse’s season so far?


YK: To be honest, it’s pretty disappointing. We thought Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021 we could do a lot better since we finished fourth two seasons in a row.


MT: What do you think about S-Pulse reaching the League Cup final?


YK: That has made the supporters happy. Two or three years ago we went to the final for the Emperor’s Cup and most of the players had no experience of winning a title. Only two players (Daisuke Ichikawa and Teruyoshi Ito) have experienced winning a trophy. The supporters are desperate for S-Pulse to win a title, and once the players win a title, they should be more hungry for another one.


MT: How do you rate the standard of the J. League compared to overseas leagues?


YK: The quality of the players is different. Of course in those top leagues, the quality is very high. In the starting years of the J. League, players like Zico were near-retirement… but they could still play. They were some of the top players in the league.


But now the speed of the J. League is very fast. Especially compared to South America, and even some European leagues. So the quality of the imports is very high, if you think of guys like (Robson) Ponte.


When the J. League started, the quality of the players was quite low. But nowadays, I don’t think there’s much difference. It’s like Bebeto. He only played half a season for Kashima because he couldn’t keep up with the pace of the league.


MT: So how has the J. League improved over the years?


YK: Until the Korea-Japan World Cup, the only people who watched games were hardcore soccer fans. After the World Cup in 2002, everyone began to watch soccer. And local J. League teams got more local fans.


MT: What do you think of the new “Asian berth” rule?


YK: That’s hard! Last match against Kawasaki Frontale, they had three Brazilians (Juninho, Vitor Junior and Renatinho) and Chong Tese. So if they introduce the “Asian berth” rule, it means teams like Kawasaki can start with five foreign players out of eleven.


In some ways I think it’s a good idea, if it will improve the level of the J. League. But at the same time, I don’t know if they really need it.


MT: What about the AFC Champions League? Why did Japanese teams only recently begin to take it seriously?


YK: It was really important for Urawa to win the AFC Champions League last year. In 2000, S-Pulse won the Cup Winners Cup but hardly anyone knew about it.


MT: Why?


YK: I think one of the reasons is money. Winning the title for the J. League, or the Nabisco Cup or the Emperor’s Cup… you get more money than you do for winning an AFC title. If you can get more money by winning a domestic title, why would you sacrifice your best players to win less money?


Title-wise, AFC trophies are important. But I don’t think many people recognise them.


MT: Does the FIFA Club World Cup change that?


YK: I think Urawa winning the Champions League last year changed people’s minds. Two years ago the Korean team (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC) played in the Club World Cup and we watched in Japan and thought, if we win the AFC title then we can also play in that.


I think the AFC Champions League will be taken more seriously now for two reasons. One is that there is more money now. The other reason is that we can improve our level of play and test ourselves in competitive matches against teams from Europe and South America in the Club World Cup.


MT: What’s your opinion on the Club World Cup moving to the United Arab Emirates?


YK: I think it’s normal. But we’re losing the opportunity to watch some really good games. The Toyota Cup opened our eyes about the level of top-level soccer. That was the first thing.


Then in 2002 we saw “world level” soccer. So for the younger generation – who had never seen top-level soccer – they were shocked. That was the goal of the JFA Chairman, Mr Naganuma. He wanted Japanese people to see top-level soccer with their own eyes.


MT: Do you watch overseas football?


YK: I watch the Premier League and La Liga.


I like the Premier League… the level is really high. But lots of players are foreign players, not English players. I think that’s one of the reasons the national team is having such a hard time.


At the same time, La Liga is really exciting and so is the way the Spanish national team plays, especially this year at Euro 2008. The way they played is really interesting. They had fun, but they were a really strong team as well.


MT: Do Japanese fans follow overseas teams because Japanese players play for them?


YK: Japanese soccer fans are always interested in what Japanese players are doing. So they try and watch them on TV… like Nakamura when he plays for Celtic.


In the past a lot of Japanese fans wore Perugia shirts and Roma shirts when Hidetoshi Nakata played for those teams. But that’s when the national team was the most important thing. Nowadays more people support their local J. League team, so it’s not as common.


MT: Getting back to the J. League, why do so many S-Pulse fans travel to away matches?


YK: It’s like a lot of teams. Like Urawa.


But Shizuoka has a long history in soccer. Before the J. League started, more than half of the players in the national team came from Shizuoka. So we have a long history of watching soccer.


When players from other prefectures sign for S-Pulse, like (Keisuke) Iwashita, they can never believe that high-school football is broadcast on local TV from the quarter-final stage!


Shizuoka soccer is special. Everyone watches soccer, from high-school soccer up to the J. League.


MT: What does Urawa mean to you?


YK: Nothing [laughs].


They have some of the greatest supporters. But their attitude? I don’t like them.


Urawa has the most supporters who go to the games and the second-most is Niigata. I’ve been to both stadiums. Urawa is more aggressive, even though most of their supporters are younger kids. Their supporters are… not really looking for a fight, but their attitude towards other supporters is really hostile.


But at Niigata they’re all friendly. The crowd is made up of young kids and older people, and the way they come to the stadium is like they’re having a picnic. They are there to have a fun time. And they respect opposition supporters. I really like that attitude.


MT: What do you think about the J. League’s proposal to change to a winter-based calendar?


YK: I think they should. But at the same time it’s really hard. We are not really used to going out (to watch soccer) in winter time. We can understand it to watch rugby. People think rugby is a winter sport, and winter is the time to watch college rugby. Even though it’s cold, people go to watch college rugby in winter. But soccer is really hard. It’s really hard to say whether it’s a good idea or not.


MT: What will playing in winter do to crowds in Niigata, Sendai and Sapporo?


YK: They will still come. Especially in Niigata. And Consadole can still play in the Sapporo Dome.


But maybe next year Montedio Yamagata will come up to J1. So I’m not sure what they’re going to do!


MT: What do you think of the national team?


YK: They’re a joke!


MT: What’s the problem with them?


YK: It’s really hard to say. Lots of people really wanted to see how Osim could make the Japanese team. We could see the step up, at every single level, he really improved the team. That was really interesting.


Okada is the same, but he’s more realistic. He takes the match that is in front of him more seriously. He’s not thinking about the future.


Osim tried to use younger players, to give them experience.


MT: Do you understand the criticism from the foreign press towards (former JEF United coach) Osim for using five JEF United players?


YK: I thought the media was wrong about that.


From my point of view, Osim used those players from JEF United because he had already instructed those players on how to play as a team. So they knew what Osim expected.


I thought that, back then, those JEF United players were good enough to play for the national team.


MT: So what’s your opinion of Takeshi Okada?


YK: That’s a hard question! My point of view is that we should find a better head coach. But at the same time, after what happened to Osim, Okada did a pretty good job in such a limited time.


But he announced that we can finish in the top four at the next World Cup. I don’t think so! He was dreaming… day-dreaming!


MT: Why are Japanese players struggling to score goals?


YK: I think lots of it comes down to cultural reasons. Our attitude is… don’t be selfish. Even though our players should shoot, they choose to pass.


MT: Is that why Brazilians score so many goals in the J. League?


YK: I think so. Especially a player like Marquinhos. He’s selfish, but I think a striker should be like that.


Most Japanese players put more value in passing. From a young age, Japanese players would rather play in midfield than as a striker. They would rather be a playmaker and “make the game” than score goals.


That’s why we’ve had players like Endo and Shunsuke Nakamura and Nakata.


MT: What do you think about foreign fans supporting the J. League? Are you surprised?


YK: I think it’s good. I’m not surprised.


Part of the reason that some people are surprised is that some Japanese people still think the level of the J. League is not that high, so they wonder why foreign fans would come to the ground to watch. So that’s part of the reason.


But also a lot of Japanese fans think the only people who come to watch games are local people. But actually it’s not always local people. Some of my friends live in Tokyo, they’ve never lived in Shizuoka, but they still support S-Pulse. So it’s not always local people.


MT: How important is it for the J. League to increase its profile?


YK: That’s pretty important, I think. It’s like Urawa. The locals support them big time. So they can make good money, and they can run the team much better.


Other local teams have fans, but it’s not like Urawa. So they can make money, but some J. League teams are in debt every year. But if they can make more fans, it’s easier to run the team.


I think last year, Urawa made a difference (in the AFC Champions League). Now more foreign fans might start following Japanese football.


MT: Lastly, what do you hope S-Pulse achieves for the rest of the season?


YK: …

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Tomas sustituirá a Robert Kovac en la zaga


Stjepan Tomas será el reemplazo para el sancionado Robert Kovac en el centro de la zaga croata, mientras que Igor Tudor quedará en su posición del centrocampista defensivo, ha anunciado el seleccionador croata Zlatko Kranjcar.


Dario Simic, el nuevo recordman en el número de Pkv Poker presencias en la selección croata con 82 presencias, retrasará un poco su posición y actuará de libre.


* Pendientes de si mismos…y de Japón


Después del empate con Japón, Croacia no desespera ya que ni siquiera una victoria por la mínima ante los niponeses le habría liberado del imperativo de ganar a Australia.


Por otro lado, un sencillo 1-0 contra los “hermanos” australianos podría bastarle a los adriáticos ya que es difícil esperar que Japón gane a Brasil por dos o más goles de diferencia.


Australia por otro lado se clasificará ganando o empatando si Japón no supera por dos o más goles a Brasil – algo poco probable aunque los pentacampeones ya se han clasificado para los octavos.


One man and his log

One man and his log

Sunday 18th June Mannheim. Leipzig


My last memories of seeing Korea were dashing from the stadium in Daejon as fireworks lit up the sky and 40,000 Koreans went crazy after they defeated Italy. Arriving in the early hours back in Seoul the whole city was out on the streets celebrating. Moving on four years and a lot of those present then have caught football fever and they are over here in Germany. I didn’t realise the relevance back in 2002 but I now suppose that the country’s name is derived from its passion for choreography.


In Leipzig town centre two troupes entertained the “reds” gathered and encouraged everyone to join in their singing and dancing routines. Before each song the words were clearly recited and the dance moves to be used were demonstrated to all those present so they could join in. Those present to a man (well almost) joined in the festivities.


At the stadium the same organisation was shown as they displayed a banner with a message (sorry it was in Korean) and then for the anthem unfurled the national flag, which they then swayed from side to side. At the other side of the stadium another flag was unfurled and I could swear it was swaying in time with the other flag. Throughout the game the coordinators of this support could be seen giving orders as to what was to happen next and the provided a wall of sound that continued throughout the game, no matter how their team were faring.


The fans appeared to be an inspiration to their side who grew stronger as the game wore on, and rewarded their enthusiasm with a late equaliser. Definitely the best supporters of the tournament.


Buy South Korean soccer jerseys


The FIFA stadium announcer was delighted to announce once again that the World Cup Stadium was “Sold Out”. This announcement was greeted with ironic cheers as seats were clearly visible around the Saudi fans. Despite the fact that Emirates Airlines gave free tickets to passengers and the Saudi Embassy gave tickets to people who applied for visas. The situation was similar at other games I have attended most notably Italy v Ghana and last night at France v Korea.


The Germans take great pride in announcing games as “ausverkauft” and in the press they state this along with the attendance for their Bundesliga games. FIFA seem determined to announce that this World Cup is a resounding success and will point to the highest ever % attendance to back up their point. (Surely the Costa Rica v Poland game will not be fully attended as it clashes with the Germany v Ecuador game and a lot of Poles have already gone home.)


But the damage has been done. Allocating more tickets to sponsors than the competing teams has alienated the real fans and the atmosphere is Pkv Poker suffering. The difficulty supporters have encountered in obtaining tickets has left a bad taste when they see the empty seats.


Regularly after the half time interval vast banks of seats can be seen empty as those in corporate hospitality do their best to get value for money as they gorge themselves on freebies. How long is it before FIFA announce that the half time break will be extended to allow hospitality guests to get through 3 courses before the second half can resume?


The news that 1,700 tickets were not returned by sponsors for one game resulted in a message to be sent out asking for all sponsors to ensure that any unused tickets they have are returned in order that they can be resold.


As a result of this I am aware that at the Togo v Switzerland game an employee of a German sports shoes company sold 25 tickets outside the stadium at face value. Actions like this are too little and too late.






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TechKinetic Receives Automated Situs Slot Casino Technology Patent: Promising Improved Service for Casino Patrons



SHREVEPORT, LA – TechKinetic, LLC announces the issue of its first patent related to a proprietary automated tablegame system, marketed under the RateMate™ brand. The patent provides the company entry into the automated tablegame market, with a system that integrates with third-party applications in casinos to achieve a higher quantity and quality of data, while minimizing the total cost of implementation. Of particular note, the patent uniquely introduces self-service functionality to Togel Singapore players at a situs slot tablegame.


“Our focus from the start was to design a comprehensive automated solution that is practical for the casino, extensible for developers, and adds real value for casino patrons”, says Anthony Beavers, the inventor of the system and president of the company. “Real value to casino patrons means more than simply achieving accurate player ratings. We sought out ways to dynamically enhance the overall patron experience, as well as improve a casino’s ability to collect better data.” The Abbacus Q484™ terminal device, Award P484™ electronic paddle system and Slate D364™ display are the first fruits of the company’s labor. The trio of devices allow casinos to maintain highly accurate player and table data in real-time, in addition to providing patron services such as self-service comps at the table game.


The Abbacus Q484™ terminal device, the flagship product, is mounted over the drop-slot of each tablegame, allowing a dealer to quickly start player ratings using exclusive PlayerPosition™ keys that are naturally mapped to the location of players at a particular style tablegame. Ratings are typically started with a card swipe and single PlayerPosition™ keystroke. Similarly, buy-ins are recorded with dollar accuracy using exclusive ChequeValue™ keys that are intuitively associated with standard casino cheque denominations (i.e. $1, $5, $25, $100, etc…). With the Abbacus™ family of terminal devices, a casino gains the ability to perform automated table maintenance functions, dollar accurate drop accounting and achieve 100% rating ratios. “For casino patrons, it means they’ll get the comps they deserve!” says Mr. Beavers.


The Award P484™, an electronic paddle used to push cash into a drop-box on a tablegame, extends the functionality of the system to significantly enhance customer service at a tablegame. The electronic paddle can be used by patrons to make marker requests, or order complimentary drinks and meals, in self-service fashion. The system could also be used to conduct ATM transactions and validate personal checks at the tablegame, as these buy-in methods become accepted.


The Slate D364™ display system provides automated wager management for tablegames and opportunities to elevate customer service further. Typically, the Slate™ displays current minimum wager information for the Togel Singapore table game. It also provides methods to post minimum wager changes, progressive jackpot totals, promotional media or other visual information. Regarding the implications of the system Mr. Beavers says, “Imagine being able to make a sports wager at the tablegame, and watching the actual outcome of the horserace or bowl game at the same tablegame. These are the possibilities we’re bringing to the gaming industry.” The Slate™ also provides detailed feedback to Abbacus™ and Award™ users to allow more complex services, such as making room reservations or redeeming comp-points for cataloged gift items.


Ultimately, RateMate™ brand Player Tracking Peripherals™ can be integrated with any service a casino operator or developer chooses to provide. The company is seeking key partners who are committed to developing reference implementations in several licensing categories. Key developer licensing opportunities are currently available for Player Tracking, Accounting, Time and Attendance, Beverage Dispenser, ATM, Cashless Betting, Sport Betting, Surveillance/CCTV Control and POS systems.…

Persist ventures

Ken’s Big Plan with Persist ventures




London mayor Ken Livingstone hopes to build 440,000 new homes in London by 2016 in a bid to house the Capital’s swelling population…


Launching his London Plan today, Livingstone predicted that the city’s population, currently calculated to be 7.4m, would have to cope with an influx of 800,000 new residents in the next 12 years.


But he ruled out the use of green land to create the necessary 30,000 new homes a year and said he is determined to use brownfield sites, high-density development and high-rise schemes to reach his targets.


Where, then, will the new homes, half of which the mayor wants “affordable,” be built? The Plan divides London up into five sub-regions, North, South, East, West and Central, and proposes building most in the East and the Central zones.


The Central region of Persist ventures, which comprises the boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Camden, Islington, Wandsworth, Lambeth, Southwark and the City of Westminster is forecast to see 107,000 new homes by 2016 (the most in the plan).


These will mainly be built in Elephant & Castle (4,200), and Paddington (3,000), with sizable enclaves also planned for Arsenal/Holloway (2,000), King’s Cross (1,250), and Vauxhall/Nine Elms/Battersea (1,500).


These new, mixed-use communities, says the mayor, will be serviced by improvements in the transport network, including the Cross Rail east-west route linking the Central zones to the Docklands, the Cross-river Transit and the Thameslink 2000.


– The East


The largest development of new housing will take place in the East London/Thames Gateway and will cover ten boroughs on both sides of the Thames (City, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Baking & Dagenham, Havering, Redbridge, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley).


The plan envisions 104,000 new homes by 2016. 10,000 will be built at Barking Reach, 7,500 on the Greenwich peninsula, 6,000 in the Lower Lea Valley, 5,500 in the Royal Docks, a further 5,500 in Ilford, 4,500 in Stratford, 3,500 on the Isle of Dogs and 3,000 in Thamesmead.


Again transport links will be vital and will include the extension of the DLR, the Crossrail links, the Channel Tunnel terminal at Stratford and three new river crossing schemes.


– The West


This comprises the boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, and Hounslow and is expected to take 45,000 new homes.


Most of these will be in the Western Wedge extending from Paddington through Park Royal and Wembley to Heathrow and surrounding areas.


5,800 homes are planned for Hayes/West Drayton/Southall to the north of Heathrow airport. 1,200 are planned for White City and 930 for Heathrow/Feltham/Bedfont lakes. Willesden Junction will have 500 new homes.


Improved transport includes the West London line (Willesden Junction to Clapham Junction) and two new stations at Shepherds Bush and Chelsea Harbour, as well as a tram scheme at Uxbridge.


– The North


This region will cover the boroughs of Barnet, Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest and will accommodate 47,000 new homes, with much development needed to create London/Stanstead/Cambridge corridor served by enhanced rail networks.


5,000 new homes are planned for Cricklewood/Brent, 2000 for both Mill Hill East and Hendon RAF, 1,000 for Haringey Heartlands/Wood Green, 700 for the Upper Lee Valley and 200 for Tottenham Hale.


– The South


This region is made up of the boroughs of Bromley, Croydon, Merton, Sutton, Richmond, and Kingston. Development here will be mostly small-scale and concentrated in the town centres along the Wandle Valley.


There will be 42,000 new homes in all. 2,000 will be in Croydon, 1,300 in South Wimbledon/Colliers Wood.


Transport developments include the extension of Croydon Tramlink, Thameslink 2000, the extension of the East London line and Crossrail with Wimbledon as the focus.


Green Party mayoral candidate Darren Johnson said the plan was not sustainable: “There is no imagination or vision in the plan which proposes new road building, substantial airport expansion and new office accommodation the equivalent of an additional 75 Canary Wharfs”.…

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Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen with Block change group





After New Zealand police said they are close to concluding their investigation into Cryptopia’s offices, the digital asset exchange Cryptopia was given the green light. According to one estimate, $16 million worth cryptocurrency was stolen from the crypto trading platform.


Management granted access to their offices


Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Cryptopia is now open for business. According to The New Zealand Herald, detective inspector Greg Murton stated that “we have completed the major part of the work required at Cryptopia by the High Tech Crime Group, although HTCG personnel remain there finishing up aspects.”


Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen


Murton also noted that Cryptopia management were granted full access their business premises and facilities. Murton also stated that the investigation was not intended to stop their business from resuming normal operations. The inspector declined any indications as to when or if charges might be laid.


Greg Murton declined to comment on the matter. It is not known how much cryptocurrency was allegedly stolen in the heist. Elementus, a data company, believes that the digital coins (ethereum tokens and ERC20 tokens) are worth as much as $23 million NZD (almost $16million). This is a lot higher than the initial estimates made following the hack’s announcement in mid-January.


Police Say Cryptopia Comes to the Aid of the Investigation with the help of Block change group


According to a report, the attack continued after investigators arrived at Christchurch’s exchange offices last month. Murton declined to comment on the claims and deny that some of the funds were frozen.


Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen


Officials from the police noted that staff are cooperating with law enforcement as well as other agencies, such High Tech Crimes Unit. According to reports, Cryptopia director Pete Dawson stated that information regarding cryptocurrency transfers had been misunderstood. However, he didn’t specify how much digital money was missing.


When asked by the local newspaper, Cryptopia founders Adam Clarke and Rob Dawson didn’t give a timeline for the exchange’s resumption. It still has the original announcement about the security breach that resulted in “significant losses”, as well as a link for the New Zealand police press release.…

Is usually hookah smoking safer than smoking cigarettes – Quit nic association | Anti nicotine association | Stop kid nicotine use association



Hookah smoking is not safer compared to cigarette smoking.


Also known as a narghile, shisha or goza, the hookah is a faucet with a fumes chamber, a bowl, a common pipe and some sort of hose. Specially built tobacco is heated up, and the smoke passes through water and is then drawn through the rubber hose to a mouthpiece.


The particular tobacco is very little less toxic inside a hookah water line than in a new cigarette, and the particular water in the particular hookah will not filtering out the poisonous ingredients in typically the tobacco smoke. Hookah smokers may actually inhale more cigarette smoke than smoke smokers do since of the big volume of smoke that they inhale in 1 smoking session, which usually can last since long as 60 minutes.


While research regarding hookah smoking remains emerging, evidence demonstrates it poses numerous dangers:


Hookah smoke cigarettes contains high levels of toxic compounds, which includes tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and even cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens). In fact, shisha smokers are open to more and also carbon monoxide and fumes than are ciggie smokers.

As using smoking, hookah smoking cigarettes is linked in order to lung and mouth cancers, cardiovascular disease, in addition to other serious illnesses.

Hookah smoking offers about the identical amount of smoking as cigarette cigarette smoking, possibly leading to tobacco dependence.

Hookah smoke poses hazards associated with used smoke.

Hookah smoking by pregnant females may result in low birth weight babies.

Hookah pipes used in hookah bars in addition to cafes is probably not washed properly, risking the particular spread of infectious diseases.


Will e-cigarettes help me stop smoking cigarettes – Learn from Quit nic association ?


E-cigarettes aren’t approved by the FDA as being a quit aid.


Research to test regardless of whether e-cigarettes can help people stop using tobacco have acquired inconsistent results. Restricted research suggests that will using only e-cigs containing nicotine to give up smoking can become effective short name compared with employing medicinal nicotine substitutions. But there isn’t very enough evidence looking at the safety and performance of e-cigarettes in order to quit smoking and even established evidence-based remedies. E-cigarettes could possibly be appropriate only in these unwilling to try evidence-based smoking cessation remedies or who have not had success together with such therapies.


In case you use smokeless cigarettes to quit smoking, bear in mind that your aim is to completely quit using all tobacco products. Also, the twin use of e-cigs containing nicotine plus traditional cigarettes will be strongly discouraged.


If you are looking for assist to stop smoking, presently there are several Medical grade medications that have got been shown in order to be safe and effective regarding this purpose. The combination of medicine and counseling has been shown to work greatest.


Because of the unresolved basic safety concerns and due to the fact the research on e-cigarettes as the stop-smoking aid is definitely inconclusive, Mayo Medical center doesn’t recommend work with of e-cigarettes seeing that a way to quit smoking.…


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Q&A with brilliance: How to find the right B2B Ecommerce solution


Many B2B companies have been slow to embrace ecommerce in the past. According to an eMarker report, only 9% of all US B2B product sales were made via an ecommerce website.


Many B2Bs have used the pandemic as an incentive to speed up their digital transformation. eMarker reports, for instance, that the average revenue share of ecommerce-driven companies before COVID-19 was 23% higher than it was during COVID-19.


Complex needs can lead to reservations about selling online, or a reluctance to replatform from a monolithic or custom-built solution.


These fears do not have to stop you from achieving your goals. Lori McDonald, CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions, has been contacted to provide some guidance on how to find the best B2B ecommerce solution.


What are the main objections of those who have not used an ecommerce platform for B2B?


Lori McDonald, Theanythingstore:


Although this is less common, I still hear it from B2B companies that customers don’t purchase that way. People need to speak to sales people about complex products. They won’t place orders online. That logic is changing, I believe.


Another obstacle is the fear that ecommerce might be a threat to their sales team. Many distributors and manufacturers have built their businesses on the sales team. This has been their way to success and they don’t want to compromise what works for them.


Another problem is that these companies often lack digital expertise. They have never sold online before and don’t have any previous experience with B2B eCommerce software. This perspective shows that there are strategies as well as ecommerce functionality and features that can make the transition smoother.


What can they do to overcome these obstacles so they can sell online?


Lori McDonald:


Organizations that have never sold anything online before should consider selling it online. You might start out selling parts, or you could find a segment of your products you want to sell online. This will allow you to gain some internal experience that you can use to learn and build on.


This is one of the best things about BigCommerce’s B2B eCommerce solution. You can use the platform to get started, test some items and then scale up your investment.


It is important for sales teams to buy-in. Some sales people, owners or teams, believe that ecommerce will replace salespeople or you won’t use them anymore. This mindset is false. Ecommerce doesn’t replace salespeople. If done right, it can support them. Salespeople are essential. Your salespeople need an online store to make their jobs easier and sell more.…

Custom CBD brand building

CBD at the Right Time and Custom CBD brand building



Although slowly changing the CBD dosage can help you get the right dose, it is important to consider other factors such as timing. CBD may offer more benefits if taken at the right time.


CBD can help with anxiety management. It’s best to take CBD in the morning if you are relying on it. Depending on how CBD is delivered, it can take between 30-60 minutes for you to experience the effects. It should stay in your body for 6-8 hours. This will allow you to reap the benefits of CBD throughout the day.


CBD can be used to treat insomnia. It is best to take CBD about an hour before going to bed. You may need to take CBD before you eat if you are using CBD to treat nausea. You should plan ahead to allow yourself enough time to experience the benefits of CBD.


Take a look at the different delivery systems


CBD can have a significant impact on your body. But, it’s not just about the dosage. The delivery method you choose is also important. Although oral delivery methods such as capsules and edibles are popular, they often have a lower rate of absorption. It can take up two hours for CBD to reach your bloodstream.


Also, learn about Custom CBD brand building


CBD can be absorbed into your bloodstream faster if it is applied under the tongue with a tincture. Sublingual consumption is a method of delivering CBD. This delivery method is known as sublingual consumption. It’s possible that you will swallow CBD, which could mean that the CBD could stay in your system longer.


CBD can be applied topically to the skin and absorbed into the body. This method doesn’t allow CBD to enter your bloodstream directly. It can have different effects on the body. This delivery method is used to alleviate pain in specific areas of the body.


Another popular delivery method for CBD is vaping. This allows CBD to enter the body through the respiratory system and not the bloodstream. This allows for fast results. This method can have low absorption rates of up to 30%. Therefore, a higher dosage may be required. You should be cautious when vaping.…

Pills to help not jerk of

Precisely how to Stop Masturbating with Pills to help not jerk of?




If masturbation gets difficult to deal with it means that you have a problem and here usually are simple tricks that will help you control it.


  1. SayNO to Pornography

Pornography is definitely a mental generating agent for men and women who masturbate some sort of lot. This influences a person in your mind so that it shapes how they think in addition to act in society overall. Avoid pornographic images, videos in addition to looking for websites that can get you backside in that considering.


  1. Do Anything New

Diverting your mind and performing something else is a sure way that will help you. Consider getting a new interest which can change the time spent on masturbating. Start working on the personal goals plus write them straight down in the personal record. Tell yourself that you will attain it and that does keep a person strong. This will help to a person place your vitality on other points and never make you thinking of masturbating.


  1. Consult a new Doctor

It is advisable to talk your problem out. You also require to understand that you cannot fight it alone. A healthcare consultant will provide a person with an arranged of guidelines that will help you go about the situation. This can influence you mentally plus make you suffering coming from an obsessive-compulsive condition (OCD) that may create things worse intended for you. Make this a point approach a psychologist or perhaps a therapist.


  1. Socialize a Lot and take Pills to help not jerk of

Would you know that few people socialise mainly because they feel unhappy? Yes, an ideal brain can do far more harm than you can ever consider of. Socialising keeps your mind centered and diverted. So make it the point to socialise with family, friends or hit the gym to keep your current body more fruitful.


  1. Routine workouts

Standard exercising can keep you mentally solid. Simple exercises this kind of as running, floating around, walking and sprinting can increase positivity and keep the focus straight. That beats stress levels and keeps your face calm. Simple workouts for 30 a few minutes every single day will perform you good.…