Runaway Survival Gear for Travelers


Homelessness is something which is not easy to tackle and definitely not for the weak hearted. However with the right type of runaway survival gear it is possible to survive for quite a long period of time. Provided below is a list of runaway survival gear which can be used for different purposes.

  1. Lightweight Tent

Even though some people might not prefer tents but it definitely serves as a protective shelter in times of need. There are different types of lightweight tents available in the market with different price tags. Most of the modern day tents are available in insulating and waterproof material which helps with all weather conditions.

Lightweight Tent

  1. Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is one of the most important items of runaway survival gear. This item helps a lot while sleeping outdoors especially in cold weather conditions. There are lots of manufacturers who offer inexpensive, lightweight and sufficiently warm sleeping bags which are easy to carry and perfect for people of all ages.

Sleeping Bag

  1. Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife can be regarded as the toolbox or security guard while on road. This is an extremely useful piece of equipment which can help with opening cans, making spears, building forts and even fending off robbers. The runaway survival gear remains incomplete with the inclusion of Swiss Army Knife.

Swiss Army Knife

  1. Space Blanket

When the weather outside is extremely cold it is not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious problems later on. Having a space blanket is an ideal option to get some extra warmth during such cold weather conditions.

Space Blanket

  1. Torch

A battery powered torch not only helps by providing light but also assists in navigating the woods or setting up the camp. When in times of need, the torch can be used for signalling purpose to get assistance. Torches with long battery life are easily available at affordable rates in the market.


  1. Large Garbage Bag

The advantage of including garbage bag with runway survival gear is that it helps in keeping the belongings getting soaked from rain. In case there is a need to traverse a river, the belongings of the bag can be kept inside the garbage bag to keep them dry.

Large Garbage Bag

  1. Small Rope

The advantages of having a rope while travelling are many. It can be used to tie things up together and even helps with building a fort. The uses of ropes are multiple and they are definitely a must have for runaway survival.

Small Rope

  1. Backpack

The backpack type generally depends on the built of the person. But small backpacks are always preferable as they help to keep the load light. There are lots of backpacks available but the quality of the material is vital towards ensuring their durability. There are lots of quality backpacks available which are affordable and comes with lots of useful features. Are you willing to buy 2023 Nude Calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.…