RapidVtechnology simplifies the complexity of the mobile video advertising world.

The RapidVtechnology platform is purpose-built for advertisers, publishers, trading desks and media agencies. We serve billions of daily ad requests and video ads across global markets and industries.

Fully Programmatic

RapidVhelps publishers to perform efficient ad management, generate high eCPM rates and maximize profits.

Industry Compliant

RapidVtechnology is fully compliant with all major industry standards including VAST, VPAID and Javascript. We support in-app and mobile web across any mobile device and offer multiple play initiation options.

Accurate Real-Time Data

We generate real-time tracking and user engagement data that helps brands identify global audiences and ensure site list adherence for all video ad campaigns. We also monitor errors and impression losses to ensure more accurate results for advertisers and publishers.

Media Formats

At APPUFACTURE – Our transcoding capabilities support the widest range of media files and formats to ensure a high quality video experience across all mobile devices.

Ad Placement

We support all types of mobile video ads, including In-Content, In- Stream and Full Stream. All video ads are displayed with a high level of viewability to create an engaging user experience on mobile devices.

Real-Time bidding

We use RapidVcapabilities to sell traffic on RTB to ensure the best results.

We help you to keep pace with evolving technology developments and markets. That is why we continue to invest in ongoing research and development of the RapidVplatform. Find out how you can deploy the latest tools and technologies into your website.


We deliver an easy-to-use, scalable and transparent solution for brands, advertisers, trading desk and media agencies:

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Premium Publishers

Gain access to top tier publishers and increase the performance of your video campaigns. Our technology platform improves completion rates, increases viewability and ensures a high level of user engagement, offering the best solution for IO based, RTB and direct programmatic buying.

Brand Safe Campaigns

Make sure you get a fully transparent, brand-safe video advertising campaigns with high visibility. Our technology enables you to manage white and black lists efficiently and effectively for any scale of traffic.

Real Time Statistics

Track real-time user engagement data to achieve campaign goals. Our technology ensures site list adherence and includes the widest range of reports and data for your video ad campaign.

Targeted Audiences

Pick a category channel such as news, entertainment, sports etc., or pick publishers on a site by site basis. Deliver relevant video ads to increase the effectiveness of your video ad campaign.

Industry Compliance

Our mobile video solutions fully comply with all major industry standards including IAB, VAST, VPAID and Javascript. We support in-app and mobile web across any mobile device and offer multiple play initiation options.

Fast Time-To-Market

All we need is a VAST, JS VPAID tag or a video file to get your video ad campaign live in no time. It is as simple as that!

Fully Range of Solutions

Choose the way you want to work. We do business with all the major video exchange platforms, including LiveRail, SpotX, AdapTv, BrightRoll etc., and can implement a fully programmatic dealID or Private Marketplace connection.

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