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Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen with Block change group





After New Zealand police said they are close to concluding their investigation into Cryptopia’s offices, the digital asset exchange Cryptopia was given the green light. According to one estimate, $16 million worth cryptocurrency was stolen from the crypto trading platform.


Management granted access to their offices


Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Cryptopia is now open for business. According to The New Zealand Herald, detective inspector Greg Murton stated that “we have completed the major part of the work required at Cryptopia by the High Tech Crime Group, although HTCG personnel remain there finishing up aspects.”


Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen


Murton also noted that Cryptopia management were granted full access their business premises and facilities. Murton also stated that the investigation was not intended to stop their business from resuming normal operations. The inspector declined any indications as to when or if charges might be laid.


Greg Murton declined to comment on the matter. It is not known how much cryptocurrency was allegedly stolen in the heist. Elementus, a data company, believes that the digital coins (ethereum tokens and ERC20 tokens) are worth as much as $23 million NZD (almost $16million). This is a lot higher than the initial estimates made following the hack’s announcement in mid-January.


Police Say Cryptopia Comes to the Aid of the Investigation with the help of Block change group


According to a report, the attack continued after investigators arrived at Christchurch’s exchange offices last month. Murton declined to comment on the claims and deny that some of the funds were frozen.


Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allows for Reopen


Officials from the police noted that staff are cooperating with law enforcement as well as other agencies, such High Tech Crimes Unit. According to reports, Cryptopia director Pete Dawson stated that information regarding cryptocurrency transfers had been misunderstood. However, he didn’t specify how much digital money was missing.


When asked by the local newspaper, Cryptopia founders Adam Clarke and Rob Dawson didn’t give a timeline for the exchange’s resumption. It still has the original announcement about the security breach that resulted in “significant losses”, as well as a link for the New Zealand police press release.…