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Hookah smoking is not safer compared to cigarette smoking.


Also known as a narghile, shisha or goza, the hookah is a faucet with a fumes chamber, a bowl, a common pipe and some sort of hose. Specially built tobacco is heated up, and the smoke passes through water and is then drawn through the rubber hose to a mouthpiece.


The particular tobacco is very little less toxic inside a hookah water line than in a new cigarette, and the particular water in the particular hookah will not filtering out the poisonous ingredients in typically the tobacco smoke. Hookah smokers may actually inhale more cigarette smoke than smoke smokers do since of the big volume of smoke that they inhale in 1 smoking session, which usually can last since long as 60 minutes.


While research regarding hookah smoking remains emerging, evidence demonstrates it poses numerous dangers:


Hookah smoke cigarettes contains high levels of toxic compounds, which includes tar, carbon monoxide, heavy metals and even cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens). In fact, shisha smokers are open to more and also carbon monoxide and fumes than are ciggie smokers.

As using smoking, hookah smoking cigarettes is linked in order to lung and mouth cancers, cardiovascular disease, in addition to other serious illnesses.

Hookah smoking offers about the identical amount of smoking as cigarette cigarette smoking, possibly leading to tobacco dependence.

Hookah smoke poses hazards associated with used smoke.

Hookah smoking by pregnant females may result in low birth weight babies.

Hookah pipes used in hookah bars in addition to cafes is probably not washed properly, risking the particular spread of infectious diseases.


Will e-cigarettes help me stop smoking cigarettes – Learn from Quit nic association ?


E-cigarettes aren’t approved by the FDA as being a quit aid.


Research to test regardless of whether e-cigarettes can help people stop using tobacco have acquired inconsistent results. Restricted research suggests that will using only e-cigs containing nicotine to give up smoking can become effective short name compared with employing medicinal nicotine substitutions. But there isn’t very enough evidence looking at the safety and performance of e-cigarettes in order to quit smoking and even established evidence-based remedies. E-cigarettes could possibly be appropriate only in these unwilling to try evidence-based smoking cessation remedies or who have not had success together with such therapies.


In case you use smokeless cigarettes to quit smoking, bear in mind that your aim is to completely quit using all tobacco products. Also, the twin use of e-cigs containing nicotine plus traditional cigarettes will be strongly discouraged.


If you are looking for assist to stop smoking, presently there are several Medical grade medications that have got been shown in order to be safe and effective regarding this purpose. The combination of medicine and counseling has been shown to work greatest.


Because of the unresolved basic safety concerns and due to the fact the research on e-cigarettes as the stop-smoking aid is definitely inconclusive, Mayo Medical center doesn’t recommend work with of e-cigarettes seeing that a way to quit smoking.…