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Q&A with brilliance: How to find the right B2B Ecommerce solution


Many B2B companies have been slow to embrace ecommerce in the past. According to an eMarker report, only 9% of all US B2B product sales were made via an ecommerce website.


Many B2Bs have used the pandemic as an incentive to speed up their digital transformation. eMarker reports, for instance, that the average revenue share of ecommerce-driven companies before COVID-19 was 23% higher than it was during COVID-19.


Complex needs can lead to reservations about selling online, or a reluctance to replatform from a monolithic or custom-built solution.


These fears do not have to stop you from achieving your goals. Lori McDonald, CEO of Brilliance Business Solutions, has been contacted to provide some guidance on how to find the best B2B ecommerce solution.


What are the main objections of those who have not used an ecommerce platform for B2B?


Lori McDonald, Theanythingstore:


Although this is less common, I still hear it from B2B companies that customers don’t purchase that way. People need to speak to sales people about complex products. They won’t place orders online. That logic is changing, I believe.


Another obstacle is the fear that ecommerce might be a threat to their sales team. Many distributors and manufacturers have built their businesses on the sales team. This has been their way to success and they don’t want to compromise what works for them.


Another problem is that these companies often lack digital expertise. They have never sold online before and don’t have any previous experience with B2B eCommerce software. This perspective shows that there are strategies as well as ecommerce functionality and features that can make the transition smoother.


What can they do to overcome these obstacles so they can sell online?


Lori McDonald:


Organizations that have never sold anything online before should consider selling it online. You might start out selling parts, or you could find a segment of your products you want to sell online. This will allow you to gain some internal experience that you can use to learn and build on.


This is one of the best things about BigCommerce’s B2B eCommerce solution. You can use the platform to get started, test some items and then scale up your investment.


It is important for sales teams to buy-in. Some sales people, owners or teams, believe that ecommerce will replace salespeople or you won’t use them anymore. This mindset is false. Ecommerce doesn’t replace salespeople. If done right, it can support them. Salespeople are essential. Your salespeople need an online store to make their jobs easier and sell more.…