toto sgp 2005 – July 1st, by Peter Costa

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WSOP 2005 – July 1st, by Peter CostaThe first level in the $5k NL six-handed event, again gave me a chance to have a lot of fun. Playing almost 80% of the hands and sometimes blind – I was delighted to build my stack up to 7,500. The table broke soon after and I moved to what seemed like a very easy table (if such a thing exist).


As it proved, I had help from the dealer (it felt good to be dealt a few good hands for a change) in dominating the table and building my stack to over 15,000. With no other big stack at my table – I never looked in danger. In fact, by dinnertime, I had almost 40,000 and cruising.


My table after the break included John Juanda and Chip Rees. We were later joined by “Jesus“ Chris. Juanda was low stack but was getting fed chips like a monkey in a zoo. I knew that seat five was the loose one, but even I was surprised at the moves he made on John. But in saying that, John made the most incredible call I had seen for a while. With a board of toto sgp John made a bet of 1200 and was re-raised another 3000. Holding K-5, John called the bet. The river brought another Q – John check-calls a bet of 7000. We all knew that seat 5 was trying to bluff a lot – but this call from John was awesome.


If Chip Rees ever writes a book – I will be first to buy it. Raise with A-2 -then calls an all-in re-raise from the 6-6. Ace on the river. Raise with J-Q, calls an all-in re-raise from A-J. Q on flop! Raises with Ace -rag – calls the all-in re-raise from Q-Q. Ace on flop! Must try this style sometime! But seriously, I like Chip and his style of play of raising a lot of hands. However, it didn’t seem to be his day as kept running into a re-raise most times.


48 remaining and all in the money. My stack had not moved for almost four hours. In the meantime Doyle Brunson was running over his table with a stack of over 150,000. Final level of the day – and it‘s time to make a move. Having spent the whole day without a chip being in danger – I was now looking to gamble. Raise on the button to 2,100 – big blind re-raises to 10,000. Nines or tens for sure. Do I want to gamble this one? Will he lay it down? If he calls – I have my outs. Yes, it’s time to gamble. All-in for another 30,000. Even though he ponders for a few minutes – I know the call is coming. I wish I could give Chip Rees the hand to play for me. He calls with T-T, I miss and bust out 33rd. Another long day – but no complaints whatsoever. I took my shot for what would have been a chance to become one the three chip leaders.


It’s late and I doubt if I could get enough sleep to be up for the $5K Hi-Lo. I want to play – but this is draining. A day off looks odds-on. Yes, there‘s just no way I could play the next day!


I took my seat in the Hi-Lo determined to have a gamble. With 4 cards – do I really need to look? First level is a pain – too slow. We all finish with what we started. Second level and the chips stacks are un-even at last. Finally – we have some movement. Uh oh, 3rd level and down to 3,000. But wait – big hand here! Big flop and loads of action. Scooper! 6,500 now – chances here. 20,000 by dinner – very good chance here. They finally start dropping. 100, 80, 60. Last level, and I hardly move from my 30K +. End of day and 47 remaining. 12th or so in chips overnight – chance here for sure!


Until next time – play well, get lucky and learn to play without sleep!